Kristy Swanson

Dec 19, 1969

Bio: American actress Kristy Swanson has been in films since 1986's Deadly Friend, but cemented her reputation on TV with recurring roles in Knot's Landing (1987) and Nightingales (1988). Her forte has been the portrayal of young ladies with prom-queen looks and room-temperature I.Q.s. Among her leading roles in films have been the title characters in Mannequin 2 (1991)… More


Kristy Swanson Videos

Dude, Where's My Car?
2 minutes 19 seconds
Zebra Lounge
1 minutes 6 seconds
A Christmas Wish
2 minutes 23 seconds
Soul Assassin
2 minutes 19 seconds
Chick Magnet
2 minutes 8 seconds

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