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This terrifying horror thriller follows two best friends who set out on the trip of a lifetime around the world. Their journey, documented every step of the way, soon takes a dark and unexpected turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted. Winner: Best Picture (Horror), Best Screenplay (Horror), Best Director (Horror) at Fantastic Fest, and recipient of awards of recognition from the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. AFFLICTED is one of the most suspenseful and original action horror… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 79%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"There's life yet in the found-footage horror genre."
‑ Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
"Ambitious in scope and practically flawless in execution, Afflicted is good news for horror fans seeking something fresh and chilling from two impressively assured young filmmakers."
‑ Bruce Demara, Toronto Star
"Afflicted may be slightly more entertaining than most others films of the same type, but it's still unable to hide the fact that it's just as empty as most of them as well."
‑ Jeff Beck,
"A mix of "Innocent Blood," and Cronenberg's "The Fly," with a hefty injection of "Chronicle.""
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
""Found footage" has become a tired technique, but Lee and Prowse, who also wrote the screenplay, give it new life."
‑ Jay Stone,
"Runs smack into a number of generic clichés, from the back-and-forth bickering about how to deal with the situation to a lazy underlying misogyny."
‑ Adam Nayman, Globe and Mail
"Nonetheless, we all know this terrain pretty well by now, and as Derek begins to change, each phase of his transformation feels overly familiar to anyone with a working knowledge of popular horror tropes."
‑ Alonso Duralde, TheWrap
"When it comes to the ongoing cycle of handheld horror films at the local movie theater, there are far worse choices than a movie like Afflicted."
‑ David Keyes,
"The best found-footage movie since CHRONICLE. Ambitious, and beautifully shot."
‑ Chris Bumbray, JoBlo's Movie Emporium
"smart enough to fill the void with an intriguing idea, effectively executed"
‑ Bill Gibron, Film Racket
"A nifty found-footage thriller that marks a promising debut for writing-directing duo Clif Prowse and Derek Lee."
‑ Justin Chang, Variety
"Puts enough of a new spin on old nightmares to stake a claim all its own."
‑ William Goss,
"Lee and Prowse clearly have filmmaking abilities, but Afflicted doesn't feel complete. It's more of a cinematic sharpening stone than a deeply considered merging of genre and style."
‑ Brian Orndorf,
""Afflicted" is as emotionally involving as a really accomplished special-effects sizzle reel."
‑ Simon Abrams,
"Multiple shots are thrillingly disorienting without straying into incoherence-a tricky line to walk-and it's genuinely hard to tell whether certain effects [...] are practical or computer-generated."
‑ Mike D'Angelo, The Dissolve
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