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The true story of one of history's most luminous and influential leaders, Alexander the Great--a man who had conquered 90% of the known world by the age of twenty-seven. Alexander led his virtually invincible Greek and Macedonian armies through 22,000 miles of sieges and conquests in just eight years, and by the time of his death at the age of thirty-two had forged an empire unlike any the world had ever seen. The story chronicles Alexander's path to becoming a living legend, from a youth fueled by dreams of myth, glory and adventure to his lonely death as a ruler of a vast Empire.… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 16%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"By summoning his inner classicist, [director] Stone has made an excruciating disaster for the ages."
‑ Scott Tobias, AV Club
"At a reported cost of $155 million, Alexander qualifies as a super-spectacle in every respect but one -- namely in its neurotic, confused and sexually ambidextrous hero."
‑ Andrew Sarris, New York Observer
"This new set presents the film in great quality and comes with some fantastic special features, but it's doubtful that this latest version of "Alexander" is going to change anyone's mind as to the quality of the film itself."
‑ Jeff Beck,
"General mistakes all across the board contribute and reinforce each other to bring it down"
‑ Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons
"This oracular piece of hero-worship is perhaps the squarest film yet from this once-hip director."
‑ Rob Gonsalves,
"Though the battles have the blood-and-sinew bravado you expect from Oliver Stone, this three-hour buttnumbathon is hamstrung by a hectoring grandiosity, not new to Stone, and a nod toward caution, which is."
‑ Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"Sluggish, unsmiling, and almost as limp as the feather fans with which our heroes are gently aerated on their trip to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon."
‑ Anthony Lane, New Yorker
"For the lucky few that see this without ever having viewed the first cut, they may wonder what all the criticism was about in the first place."
‑ Jeff Otto,
"This is ultimately "Alexander" as written by Danielle Steele..."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"Stone gives us some truly stirring visuals, music that soars and charges more often than not, and, um, performances that . . . Well, um, okay, about those performances . . ."
‑ Peter T. Chattaway, Christianity Today
"A lunk-headed train wreck that looks like a tag sale in a 323 B.C. supermarket in old Peking."
‑ Rex Reed, New York Observer
"It's just a wild, glorious, wacky mess that I found really entertaining."
‑ Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper
"Alexander the person was great. This movie isn't."
‑ Nell Minow, Common Sense Media
"Stone doesn't present characters that the audience can believe in, even for one moment, as representative of their historic roles."
‑ Cole Smithey,
"Unwieldy and flawed, but Stone remains a tornado in an era of airless formula and -- to paraphrase our Ptolemy -- its failings are greater than most films' successes."
‑ Ian Nathan, Empire Magazine
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