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A grieving couple retreat to 'Eden', their isolated cabin in the woods, where they hope to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 49%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Of course, von Trier wants us to react, to be repulsed, shocked, offended. Mission accomplished."
‑ Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic
"Antichrist is a boldly personal film, tossing all von Trier's ideas about faith, fear, and human nature into an unfettered phantasmagoria, full of repulsive visions and fierce scorn."
‑ Noel Murray, AV Club
"There will be no thumbs up or down ... [The film] is neither disgusting ... nor is it one of the great films. It is a transitional work made by an artist clearly in crisis."
‑ Larry Gross, Film Comment Magazine
"Because of its impassioned conviction, placing it on a scale of value is practically irrelevant."
‑ David Keyes,
"... another provocation that is at once beautiful and perverse, personal and cynical, and filled with his sour vision..."
‑ Sean Axmaker, Parallax View
"Von Trier, never exactly an optimist, has never been this gloomy and pessimistic. Antichrist is the feel-bad movie of the year."
‑ Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"Self-loathing, mean, ugly and perfectly made, Antichrist is probably the best film ever that you'd recommend to absolutely no one."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"...absurdly abstract in a way von Trier's best films are not."
‑ Josh Larsen, LarsenOnFilm
"Before this movie goes careening desperately, hysterically, insanely off the rails, this is an ambitious, scary peek into pulsating, evil human hurt."
‑ Will Leitch, Deadspin
"It is unrelenting, terrifying and profoundly powerful. And it is really, really ballsy; a claim that viewers will recognise as being highly ironic considering the ball-related events that take place within the film."
‑ Simon Miraudo, Quickflix
"Antichrist is a unique form of cruel and unusual punishment: an unrelenting orgy of graphic sex, violence and cynicism that also manages to be wildly pretentious."
‑ Christopher Kelly, Dallas Morning News
"Antichrist ends up being more unnerving than it is terrifying, and a lot funnier than it's supposed to be."
‑ Peter Howell, Toronto Star
"Von Trier admits he has no idea what any of this s--- means, but only a filmmaker of his skill could make such an inchoate mess so strangely entertaining."
‑ Steve Dollar, Stop Smiling
"It's audacious, gruesome and pushes to the extreme limits of acceptable cinema content: but it is never any of those things to exclude ordinary viewers."
‑ Mike Edwards, What Culture
"Von Trier is a prankster so any attempt to guess at WTF he had in mind could just end up with the Danish auteur pulling your leg. The Fox may have said it best:"Chaos Reigns""
‑ Brian Holcomb, Kinetofilm
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