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Josh Hartnett, Naomie Harris, Rip Torn, and Adam Scott star in director/co-screenwriter Austin Chick's tale about an ambitious dotcom entrepreneur attempting to stay afloat as the stock market begins to collapse and the entire country remains blissfully unaware of the national tragedy looming ever closer on the horizon. Tom Sterling (Hartnett) is on a professional downward spiral that's rapidly cutting into his personal life as well. His apathetic investor, Ogilvie (David Bowie), is refusing to relinquish control of the company that Tom is fighting to save, and his girlfriend, Sarrah… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 35%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Anyone who thinks that Josh Hartnett isn't a true movie star should see his riveting, high-wire performance in August, a shrewdly dramatized look back at the bursting of the dot-com bubble."
‑ Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
"There's not much to it, but Austin Chick's hyper-focused indie does serve as a nicely assured showcase for lead Josh Hartnett."
‑ Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News
"This one has nothing extraordinary about it to compensate for seven years' staleness."
‑ David D'Arcy, Screen International
"While this modest indie offers high-tension plotting, it's real substance is the contrast between Hartnett's charismatic, hard-charging business persona and his intimacy-challenged real-life relationships."
‑ Marshall Fine, Star Magazine
"all gloss and pizzazz but mostly pizz and no azz."
‑ Paul Brenner,
"Smartly scripted, convincingly atmospheric morality fable in which Hartnett, usually insubstantial as a good guy, plays a convincingly flawed character galloping toward the precipice."
‑ John Anderson, Newsday
"Has a dark desperation that‚(TM)s morbidly compelling. But the movie‚(TM)s amoral momentum is fatally slowed by an acronym-heavy script and flimsy characterizations that offer fine actors...little to play."
‑ Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times
"A movie that makes a good initial public offering."
‑ Jonathan W. Hickman, Entertainment Insiders
"...the picture ... provides Josh Hartnett with one of his most interesting roles, and it elicits one of his sharpest performances."
‑ Kurt Loder, MTV
"Merely serves to watch a company's ashes fall without really considering what started the fire."
‑ Matt Pais,
"Only an amusing cameo by David Bowie enlivens things, but he's onscreen for just about two minutes at the end."
‑ Kyle Smith, New York Post
"August is a brooding, boring indie drama about the death of the culture-wide hallucination that was the dot-com bubble, and the moment when countless dot-com millionaires on paper became real-life paupers."
‑ Nathan Rabin, AV Club
"If you want to see ignorant self destruction, see Troy Duffy in "Overnight" and forget this film---the worst mistake Josh Hartnett has made in his career."
‑ Ron Wilkinson, Monsters and Critics
"This stylish, well acted drama chronicles one once-successful dot-com's efforts to stay afloat in the wake of the Internet boom's bust."
‑ Ken Fox, TV Guide's Movie Guide
"Rodman's potentially intriguing idea about the 2001 crash of the dot-com biz just months before 9/11 is poorly executed by helmer Chick (XX/XY), who doesn't take full advantage of his star cast, headed by Josh Hartnett, Naomie Harris and David Bowie."
‑ Emanuel Levy, EmanuelLevy.Com
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