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The war against the forces of darkness becomes a family affair in this cinematic prequel to the popular video game Bloodrayne. In 16th century Europe, Lord Kagan (Ben Kingsley) is an evil ruler who holds more power than any man alive, but he still dreams of having more, and when he's told of three magic talismans who, when united, will give him intense supernatural strength and the gift of immortality, he will stop at nothing to attain them. However, three warriors who have learned how to battle the forces of darkness -- Vladimir (Michael Madsen), Katarin (Michelle Rodriguez), and… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 4%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Just when you thought camp was dead, along comes this bizarre cross between a Tarantino knockoff and a Hammer horror film."
‑ Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader
"After Rayne breaks out of the circus, it's a simple story, really, about a mixed-up girl who wants to slay her father."
‑ Carla Blumenkranz, Village Voice
"At the rate Boll's improving, he'll achieve a film worthy of a thumbs up rating sometime late next decade."
‑ Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons
"Only as bad as ordinary bad films and not as bad as getting your eyelid caught on a nail."
‑ Walter Chaw, Film Freak Central
"So how does a filmmaker bounce back from an almost universally reviled action-horror mistake? Well, if your name is Uwe Boll, you don't."
‑ Steve Newton, Georgia Straight
"Who is Uwe Boll and why does he hate moviegoers so? The German hack, the one-man Blitzkrieg of Bad, is the worst filmmaker in the movies today."
‑ Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
"Most of the budget seems to have been spent on the cast, with apparently little left over for sets or costumes."
‑ Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
"The fight scenes are the worst kind of editing-room cheating, meant to cover for actors who haven't been trained to wield anything more intimidating than a cell phone."
‑ Rob Gonsalves,
"This is a movie that begs you not to watch it."
‑ David Cornelius,
"All in all, not as bad as you'd suspect and certainly serviceable for all who love the bloody, low-budget vamping gone wild."
‑ JoBlo, JoBlo's Movie Emporium
"It's time to start paying attention to the oeuvre of German director Uwe Boll. At this rate, he'll become the Ed Wood of this new movie century."
‑ Gregory Kirschling, Entertainment Weekly
"Uwe Boll is such a bad director that it must be intentional."
‑ Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle
"Turgid drama and incompetently staged action sequences..."
‑ Scott Tobias, AV Club
"BloodRayne is quite cheesy -- the costumes resemble something out of the cosplay closet, and the dialogue is often appalling."
‑ Staci Layne Wilson,
"The supporting cast is mind-melting: Michael Madsen is as out of place in this Medieval milieu as Meat Loaf in a hoop skirt, and Meat Loaf is just out of place."
‑ John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
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