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From director Olivier Assayas comes this erotic thriller starring Asia Argento as Sandra, a former prostitute, and Michael Madsen as Miles, her onetime pimp-turned-high-powered businessman. Brought back together after a separation, Sandra and Miles are reunited when Sandra returns to Paris after an extended absence. Despite the fact that neither of the two former lovers are the same people they were back in the day, their kinky sexual relationship is nonetheless rekindled. It seems that some time long ago, financial promises were made before some misdeed drove the pair apart. Meanwhile, Sandra… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 30%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"What it all means is up for grabs, but for connoisseurs of sadomasochistic nastiness, it's a must-see."
‑ Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"The plot may be murky, but actress Asia Argento is a clear and commanding force throughout."
‑ Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
"Distills genre tropes (and their consequent pleasures) to their lean, potent essence."
‑ Nick Schager, Lessons of Darkness
"In the "B" movie days, a story like this would shoot by in about 70 minutes without time to pick holes in the motives. But Assayas takes a bloated, boring 106 minutes."
‑ Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid
"Writer-director Olivier Assayas must have been working out some personal demons to make something as embarrassing as Boarding Gate, the most trite and trivial piece of sleaze since Abel Ferrara's Snake Eyes."
‑ Bill White, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"The main thing interesting about Boarding Gate is the spectacle of Assayas' effort -- the attitude and the international backdrop -- not the story itself."
‑ Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
"This hypnotic, angular thriller about sex, murder, betrayal and money takes you on a feverish journey from nowhere to somewhere."
‑ Stephanie Zacharek,
"When all the nonsense of Boarding Gate ends, only Asia remains in memory. She can light up the best and the worst of 'em."
‑ Matthew Sorrento, Film Threat
"Could have been an exciting and inventive film, if only it weren't so bland and familiar."
‑ Marc Mohan, Oregonian
"Boring gate."
‑ Staci Layne Wilson,
"Like just about everything in Boarding Gate, the finale suggests that its creators have been watching too many other movies with similar premises and payoffs."
‑ John Hartl, Seattle Times
"A ridiculous poseur thriller that seems to be made up of the slow moments from Hong Kong action films and Euro-flashy stuff like Run Lola Run."
‑ Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News
"As for Argento ... yeah, she's got something. Now we'd like to see her in a movie that makes sense."
‑ Robert W. Butler, Kansas City Star
"[Assayas] has concocted a plot that is dizzying and annoying at times, and it's hard to care about the characters in the shifting story. But B-movie veteran Argento's portrayal of Sandra is like watching a car careening down an incline."
‑ Rob Lowman, Los Angeles Daily News
"There are long, droning bouts of dialog about nothing meant to link scenes together, but all Boarding Gate really does is fixate on watching Asia Argento do stuff."
‑ Diva Velez,
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