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A man is caught in a desperate race against time in this claustrophobic thriller from director Rodrigo Cortés. Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is an American truck driver who has been contracted to work in Iraq, and while delivering a load of kitchen equipment as part of a humanitarian aid program, he's captured by insurgent guerrillas who intend to hold him hostage. Paul is struck unconscious, put into a coffin-like box, and buried, and when he comes to, all he has to help him get out is a lighter and a cell phone. Trapped underground with a limited supply of air, Paul frantically calls his… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Buried, despite its seemingly impossible premise, is by turns funny, suspenseful, moving and -- in one heart-stopping sequence worthy of Indiana Jones -- incredibly exciting."
‑ Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"Whatever the reasons that draw us to the movies, spending 90 minutes trapped in a box with Ryan Reynolds isn't one of them."
‑ Jake Coyle, Associated Press
"Buried is a one of a kind experience that goes well beyond just a movie with a neat idea. It's a thriller that really works and is one of the best films I've seen all year."
‑ Benjo Colautti, We Got This Covered
"With little more than one actor, a mobile phone, a (very full) Zippo and a few disembodied voices, director Rodrigo Cortés has created a 95-minute panic-attack-made-movie."
‑ Matt Glasby, Total Film
"(...) Como ejercicio narrativo bastante claustrofóbico y moderadamente angustiante, tiene su atractivo. Gran parte del resultado es mérito del actor Ryan Reynolds."
‑ Enrique Buchichio, Uruguay Total
"Buried may be claustrophobic in scale, but its impact is immense."
‑ Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"The tension keeps building, right to the end. Proving yet again that in movies, even though the space may get smaller, the picture doesn't have to."
‑ Peter Howell, Toronto Star
"A nifty gimmick rarely translates into satisfying cinema, but Buried qualifies as an exception."
‑ Laura Kern, Film Comment Magazine
"Reynolds and Cortés deserve credit for their ambition and Buried is a tense but enjoyable experience for anyone interested in the core 'buried alive' concept."
‑ Ben Kendrick, ScreenRant
"A brilliant genre thriller using space and perspective to confine us with the protagonist."
‑ Wesley Lovell, Cinema Sight
"If the aim is to be unpredictable and to revel in cynicism, you run the risk -- realized here -- that the movie becomes more an authorial statement of purpose than a story the audience can believe in."
‑ Mary F. Pols, TIME Magazine
"The suspense is gripping, even when the substance isn't."
‑ Rick Groen, Globe and Mail
"Remind yourself to breathe."
‑ Roger Moore, Movie Nation
"Director Rodrigo Cortes continually achieves the seemingly impossible."
‑ Michael Dequina, TheMovieReport.com
"This experiment in minimalist filmmaking succeeds in part because of the tight, controlled performance by one of People magazine's sexiest men (buried) alive!"
‑ David N. Butterworth, rec.arts.movies.reviews
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