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A New York therapist visits L.A. and finds himself involved in the mysterious and brutal death of a friend and colleague and soon discovers that things are not always what they appear to be. Bill Capa (Bruce Willis, in an uncharacteristically un-smirking performance) is the New Yorker come to L.A. to see his best friend and colleague Dr. Bob Moore, who invites him to observe a group-therapy session. The patients include a sex addict, a tense hypochondriac, a sorrowful widower, a spooky teenager named Richie, and a screwed up artist, Casey. After Dr. Moore is discovered stabbed to death in his… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 22%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"The killer may find his target, but Color of Night fails to hit the nail on the head by a frustrating margin."
‑ Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer
"The plot gets so convoluted and farfetched that you still may be scratching your head after the denouement, but you probably won't be bored."
‑ Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
"This is so awful it can't be missed."
‑ David Parkinson, Radio Times
"A clear contender for Turkey of the Year made even more risible by much pretentious psychobabble."
‑ , Film4
"Worst of all, the film never develops much suspense."
‑ Stephen Hunter, Baltimore Sun
"I'm tempted to go ahead and explain just exactly how transparent -- and implausible -- this mystery is. But then I don't want to spoil it for people who are even worse than I am at this sort of thing. People like Forrest Gump."
‑ Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel
"It's a psycho-erotic thriller with more twists and shocks than the rattlesnake which, at one point, leaps out at star Bruce Willis-from a location we won't describe. (It would spoil one of the several dozen surprises.)"
‑ Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune
"You thought brawny Bruce Willis couldn't play a brainy psychologist? You were right."
‑ David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor
"The director, and a few of the performers, make every effort to play against the material, hoping it will somehow emerge as sophisticated camp, but their efforts are futile."
‑ , TV Guide's Movie Guide
"A tawdry yet tepid sexual psychological thriller that feels very atmospheric in its proposed mystiqueness."
‑ Frank Ochieng,
"Mundane sex scenes, a standard L.A. car chase and Bakula's outrageously gory death scene (which plays like an unintentional parody) are all part of the predictable script."
‑ John Hartl, Seattle Times
"Color of Night and North represent the nadir of Willis' plummeting film career. He can be a most engaging talent; his script selection of late has been awful."
‑ Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune
"The Color of Night tries for the same mix of black humor and clever plotting, but misses by a wide margin. It'll have you laughing at it, not with it, and if you pay the full $6, it'll have you, well, seeing red."
‑ Gary Thompson, Philadelphia Daily News
"The artfully superficial relationship between Bill and Rose works to the plot's advantage."
‑ Candice Russell, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"A very guilty pleasure. Entertaining trash."
‑ Chuck O'Leary, Fantastica Daily
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