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The assassination of the most powerful leader in the free world is examined in this controversial mockumentary from British filmmaker Gabriel Range. On October 19, 2007, president George W. Bush is visiting Chicago when he impulsively stops to shake hands with supporters en route to a meeting, while a throng of protesters demonstrate nearby. Shots ring out, and Bush is fatally wounded. As America and its allies deal with the tragic loss of their leader, vice president Dick Cheney is sworn in as the new chief executive, and while he takes the reigns of the nation and pushes new and aggressive… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 37%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"What's missing is shapeliness, suspense, narrative cunning, visual flair -- in short, art. Are we really to believe that a network of the future would broadcast such a barbiturate?"
‑ David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture
"Every thinking person should see Death of a President."
‑ Peter Howell, Toronto Star
"Easily the year's most useless picture"
‑ Fernando F. Croce, CinePassion
"It is at least slick with technique -- or with a synthesis of techniques."
‑ Jonathan Kiefer, Sacramento News & Review
"...even the extras are unconvincing..."
‑ David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews
"Range comes about these issues in a provocative way, but they're still worth discussing, aren't they?"
‑ Scott Tobias, AV Club
"Death of a President is thought-provoking, but as much for 'how'd they do that?' as for its ideas."
‑ Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times
"Despite the audacious title and premise, Range doesn't aim to shock, but to unnerve"
‑ Amy Nicholson, I.E. Weekly
"Without directly confronting the behaviors and attitudes associated with its theory, the movie leaves us with uncertainty, vacillation, and worst of all, emptiness."
‑ David Keyes,
"OK, so, it's got balls and technical skills, but is it anything more than a stunt? Yes, yes it is."
‑ Karina Montgomery,
"Just as the ducks get lined up in a row and we're ready for the movie to reveal its true purpose -- Political satire? Paranoid dystopian fantasy? Apologia for the Bush administration? -- we suddenly realize it has none."
‑ Dana Stevens, Slate
"Even people who think George W. Bush is the worst American-made disaster since President James Buchanan will have no trouble recognizing Death of a President for the lousy thing it is."
‑ Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
"Beyond the feigned controversy stirred up by neocon zealots, "Death of a President" is nothing more than a high concept political hypothesis film that signals the futility of presidential assassination."
‑ Cole Smithey,
"The talking head interviews and other elements make for an intelligent analysis of our reactions and prejudices about such a situation. A must see."
‑ Jason Gorber, Film Scouts
"There is little of the fall of the Twin Towers trauma, but much of All the President's Men here. That this film's buzz has launched such vitriol and condemnation is not surprising. Range's film exposes wider audiences to some basic truths of our times."
‑ Les Wright,
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