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This British horror comedy concerns a group of men suffering from midlife crises, who embark on a relaxing country weekend but wind up in a village overrun by psychotic and cannibalistic female creatures. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 48%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"The magic ingredient here is Dan Schaffer's sly script, which constantly undercuts the film's inherently sexist premise."
‑ Nigel Floyd, Time Out
"Doghouse is a very entertaining time-waster and definitely one for the boys %u2013 break out the beers and just have some fun."
‑ Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton, Dread Central
"You could say that this is one step up from the ghastly Lesbian Vampire Killers, since it suggests they are getting what they deserve from the other sex. But that step is a short one."
‑ Derek Malcolm, This is London
"Jake West's low-budget British movie Doghouse is so jaw-droppingly bonkers that it actually deserves to be seen."
‑ James Christopher, Times [UK]
"It sounds like a straight-to-DVD stinker doesn't it? It's pleasantly surprising to report therefore, that Doghouse isn't one of the worst films of the year and is in fact a hilarious, PC brigade-baiting romp."
‑ Alex Fletcher, Digital Spy
"A Mad Magazine-style zombie-fest that chomps on PC sensibilities like they're made out of obnoxious male flesh."
‑ Scott Weinberg, FEARnet
"Female zombies are the perfect excuse to show women being beaten up by men. In its trashy way, the film has just enough exuberance to be classified as harmless."
‑ Edward Porter, Sunday Times (UK)
"A grotesque misogynistic romp, Doghouse is too laddish and corny to even hold a candle to the witty Shaun Of The Dead. Perhaps Lesbian Vampire Killers wasn't so bad after all."
‑ Allan Hunter, Daily Express
"The acting's just awful, the misogyny undeniable, but the odd flash of Shaun of the Dead-style inventiveness means you forgive it buckets."
‑ Catherine Shoard, Guardian
"A sexist, unoriginal but entertaining bit of fun. And isnt that exactly what you want some Saturday nights?"
‑ Jane Crowther, Heat Magazine
"Doghouse is in no way substantive, but it is kind of an enjoyable goof, if you're in the mood for such a thing."
‑ Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat
"A dim zombie comedy."
‑ Jason Solomons, Observer [UK]
"Like going on a stag-do with people you hate, this beta-male bilge is far too Neanderthal to do much more than drag its knuckles on the ground and sniff the rears of other, better films."
‑ Matt Glasby, Film4
""On the piss. On the pull. On the menu", quoth the poster, but munching on Dyer looks like it might pose a health risk even for the undead. Hideous, all of it."
‑ Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph
"The sort of testosterone-fuelled Brit-pic tailor-made for a profanity-filled viewing through the beer-goggles on a Friday after a curry and a belly-full of ale."
‑ Tim Evans, Sky Movies
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