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Korean director Shim Hyung-Rae's monster movie D-War begins with a lengthy prologue, in which an antique dealer named Jack (Robert Forster) watches a young patron, Ethan Kendrick (Cody Erens) get zapped with a force emanating from a chest in his shop. Realizing the significance of this event, Jack bequeaths a medal to the boy, and speaks candidly to him of mystical events that transpired a half-millennium earlier. In a bygone era, it seems, giant creatures called Buraki roamed the land, morphing from serpents into dragons and back again, and equipped with a massive army of formidable… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"It is such a breathless, delirious stew, it's impossible not to be entertained, provided -- this is crucial -- you have a sense of humor."
‑ Andy Webster, New York Times
"The only winners in Dragon Wars are the computer-imaging geeks who must have logged tons of overtime. The rest of the world is left scratching its head at a monster epic so dismal that it doesn't even register as a guilty pleasure."
‑ John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press
"The film didn't promise anything more than it delivered."
‑ Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures
"A movie without a single redeeming quality that we highly recommend."
‑ Todd Gilchrist, IGN Movies
"Takes such leaps and bounds of mediocrity and utterly nonsensical storylines that it ends up being a jumbled mess..."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Film Threat
"When they decide to sic [those monsters] on downtown Los Angeles, the movie turns shockingly watchable. Until that sequence, there was no evidence that anybody involved with this laughable fantasy knew what he or she was doing."
‑ Wesley Morris, Boston Globe
"This one's for connoisseurs of the "totally preposterous crap" school of fantasy cinema. You know who you are: You have all the Warlock sequels on Laserdisc [and] the complete Leprechaun series on DVD."
‑ Luke Y. Thompson, L.A. Weekly
"DRAGON WARS knows it's dumb, and just has fun. It's my new guilty pleasure!"
‑ Austin Kennedy, Sin Magazine
"blissfully awful"
‑ Jesse Hassenger, Filmcritic.com
"The painful English-language sequences almost don't matter: The rock-'em-sock-'em monster melees truly are spectacular, even if the images sometimes seem more hazy than tactile, as is typical of digital special effects."
‑ John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
"The rampaging-monsters flick Dragon Wars loudly speaks the universal language of effects-laden mayhem. Unfortunately, it is also fluent in the laughable dialogue of a million bad fantasy flicks."
‑ Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times
"This monster film makes even the remake of Godzilla look good."
‑ Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
"By no reasonable reckoning can the film be considered a competent piece of cinematic storytelling, yet somehow the movie transcends its silly screenplay with over-the-top action and visually imaginative battles."
‑ Steve Biodrowski, Cinefantastique
"This one really should have been immediately relegated to the discount bin."
‑ Mark Dujsik, Mark Reviews Movies
"The concept here is fun -- good and evil dragons of ancient Korean legend do battle in modern-day Los Angeles -- but a lazy and amateurish script and embarrassingly hollow acting hobble it right out of the gate."
‑ Robert Newton, Christian Science Monitor
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