Encarnação do Demônio (Devil's Reincarnation) (Embodiment of Evil)
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Encarnação do Demônio (Devil's Reincarnation) (Embodiment of Evil)
It's been thirty years since Zé do Caixão was locked away in an asylum for the mentally ill, but now the sadistic gravedigger is back and determined to find a woman capable of carrying his demonic seed. As Zé makes his way through the streets of Sao Paolo on a bloody quest to fulfill an unholy destiny, he is confronted by unnatural laws and leaves a diabolical trail of terror in his wake. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 56%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"It may tickle a type of hardened horror connoisseur, but most will want a shower after seeing it."
‑ David Jenkins, Time Out
"Much demented laughter and lavish screams of terror decorate José Mojica Marins's outré Brazilian horror."
‑ Derek Malcolm, This is London
"For delirious offensiveness and imaginative grossout, this film deserves a congratulatory goblet of gore; and the surreal scenes of damnation have real chutzpah."
‑ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
"A horror with a sense of its own absurdity, it's a cult classic in the making."
‑ David Edwards, Daily Mirror [UK]
"A daft mixture of the lurid and the ludicrous."
‑ Allan Hunter, Daily Express
"Imagine Aleister Crowley by way of the Marquis de Sade with a theatrical flamboyance, a voracious blasphemer in a Catholic culture..."
‑ Sean Axmaker, Parallax View
"Beginning in prison, ending in a fairground house of horror, and taking in torture chambers, slums and Purgatory on the way, this is the bad-taste trip of a lifetime."
‑ Matt Glasby, Film4
"With a script of pure gibberish stitching the pieces together, it's as though Ed Wood Jr, Clive Barker and Hieronymous Bosch had too much absinthe one night and decided to make a home movie."
‑ Elliott Noble, Sky Movies
"Embodiment of Evil is Brazilian torture porn, dragged from the dungeons of oblivion only because there is a summer "J" in the month and everyone is too hot or de-energised to resist."
‑ Nigel Andrews, Financial Times
"Distinctive horror flick that doesn't skimp on the gore and nudity and features an amusingly rubbish central character, but it gets very repetitive and runs out of steam about halfway through."
‑ Matthew Turner, ViewLondon
"Marins turns this final chapter in the character's quest for everlasting life into a Grand Guignol geek show, complete with shocking sequences of vivisection, cannibalism, and sexual sadism."
‑ Bill Gibron, PopMatters
"Hardcore horror fans will no doubt be impressed, but the cultural justification for this level of hateful misogyny must be slim indeed."
‑ Kevin Maher, Times [UK]
"Like a Vincent Price film for the torture porn generation, albeit closer to the grand guignol of Dr Phibes than the genuine distress of Witchfinder General."
‑ Matt Glasby, Total Film
"It's a very peculiar film indeed, the self-conscious nastiness at odds with Joe's rather bland philosophy of materialism and self-determination."
‑ Robert Hanks, Independent
"Grotesque but stylish stuff."
‑ , Sunday Mail [UK]