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Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"'So this device of yours is horny as well as psychopathic?' asks Gregory Hines, cast as a military badass so self-assured he's nicknamed himself 'God.'"
‑ John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
"Overheard at the pitch meeting: "So what if The Terminator was like, um... a sexy lady in a red leather get-up?" "Sold!""
‑ Scott Tobias, The Dissolve
"The movie that introduced Gregory Hines as an action star. ("Running Scared" was a comedy!)"
‑ Scott Weinberg, eFilmCritic.com
"Gregory Hines as a cyborg hunter? The casting couldn't be more perfect if Ben Vereen were cast as the lead in Terminator 5."
‑ J.C. Maçek III, PopMatters
"Disappointing Terminator rip-off. Not enough chase, not enough destruction."
‑ Fred Topel, About.com
"For whatever flaws it contains - and there are many - the film now seems like an intriguingly eccentric little genre effort that marches to the beat of its own weird drummer."
‑ Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat
"Great title for a bad flick."
‑ Gerry Shamray, Sun Newspapers of Cleveland
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