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Fourteen-year-old Henrietta -- Henri for short -- longs for everything she doesn't have. Looking down a road that turns bad instead of right, Henri and her mother Kate are forced to move in with her grandmother in a leaking shack on the edge of town. But, Henri is bent on finding a way out. At the same time, Henri meets a boy at school, Chat Turly, and becomes infatuated with his seemingly ideal wealthy family. Henri overlooks some of the curious behavior she witnesses at the Turly's, choosing instead to see what she wants to see as she tries desperately to become a part of the family.… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 44%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Zentelis' affection for her characters and the clear-eyed honesty of her storytelling glides us through any unsubtleties."
‑ Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times
"Serves as a small, heartfelt corrective to all the tween fantasies being sold this year."
‑ Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger
"Thought-provoking film about social class; teens+."
‑ Nell Minow, Common Sense Media
"The dialogue is on-the-nose and its lessons are pedestrian, but the film remains a "working poor-trait" of poignancy and grace due to Addie Land's unself-conscious turn."
‑ Brent Simon, Entertainment Today
"Rife with clichés and precocious artsy-craft."
‑ Jeanne Aufmuth, Aufmuth.com
"Aiming for simplicity, it ends up simplistic."
‑ Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle
"Although Zentelis doesn't always nail the strange rhythms of real life, she does show that she's on the right track."
‑ Connie Ogle, Miami Herald
"Evergreen is composed of standard teleplay material that fails to surprise and engage at almost every turn."
‑ Mark Pfeiffer, Reel Times: Reflections on Cinema
"Dreary and amateurish."
‑ Steve Schneider, Orlando Weekly
"While the film has striking moments, it feels padded with events that seem freighted with narrative weight but end up not mattering at all to the story."
‑ Angel Cohn, TV Guide's Movie Guide
"Observant, touching, funny and smart."
‑ Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel
"Newcomer Land is a find, performing with guileless naturalism and resilient dignity."
‑ Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle
"The movie comes to a satisfactory conclusion teaching the lesson that things aren't always as good as they look."
‑ Vince Koehler, Entertainment Spectrum
"A solid, affectionately told drama, at times wavering the line of excellent, that only disappoints when it doesn't add up to the fully-realized catharsis it is aiming for."
‑ Dustin Putman, DustinPutman.com
"This modest coming-of-age story eschews poor-little- poor-girl emotionalism in favor of carefully observed moments that slowly build in power."
‑ Robert W. Butler, Kansas City Star
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