Exterminating Angels (Les Anges Exterminateurs)
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Exterminating Angels (Les Anges Exterminateurs)
Francois, a filmmaker, is preparing a thriller. During screen tests for a brief nude scene with an actress, he discovers the pleasure some women can have in the transgression of minor erotic taboos. Driven by the desire to contribute something new to the cinema, he decides to make a film that mixes fiction and reality and centers on something which unexpectedly becomes an enigma and a taboo: the minor transgressions that are a source of pleasure. His research into eroticism raises basic questions. But, like Icarus approaching the sun, he only burns his wings.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 48%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Endless auditions get the annoying Francois nowhere closer to grasping what turns women on."
‑ Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times
"Gorgeous French silliness, yes, featuring stunning women having languorous, artful sex with each other. What was I saying? Oh yes, the silliness. Artful, gorgeous, sexy, sure, but ridiculous nonetheless."
‑ Michael Booth, Denver Post
"A complex, confessional examination of [Jean-Claude Brisseau's] twisted, thorny and ultimately ambiguous feelings toward women and sex."
‑ Nick Schager, Lessons of Darkness
"It lacks any introspection to illuminate the erotic subject matter."
‑ Matthew Sorrento, Film Threat
"It's hard to tell if Brisseau is a raging misogynist or a radical feminist, and what makes the movie interesting is that he's probably a little bit of both."
‑ Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly
"Critics I admire have assured me that many of Brisseau's earlier films are less silly, more interesting, and even commendable."
‑ Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
"[Director] Brisseau calculatedly offsets the silliness of the surreal elements and the earnestness applied to the sex by savoring the overall absurdity."
‑ Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
"... the film is passably entertaining but dramatically inert."
‑ Ted Murphy, Murphy's Movie Reviews
"It's not smart enough to actually pull off what it purports to do, and it's not free enough to simply enjoy itself."
‑ Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid
"... plenty of heat, not all that much light."
‑ Andy Klein, Los Angeles CityBeat
"The content may be dubious, but the execution is hypnotic."
‑ Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune
"Mr. Brisseau honors the infinitely varying psyches of his female subjects. One may scoff at his voyeuristic self-indulgence, but when you come right down to it, isn't that what the cinema is all about, one way or another?"
‑ Andrew Sarris, New York Observer
"The cinematic equivalent of getting drenched with a splash of ice water."
‑ Jack Garner, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"Little more than Lesbians Lesbians Lesbians."
‑ Matt Pais, Metromix.com
"A sexually-charged, eyebrow-raising thriller that often straddles that fine line between erotic thriller and all-out pornography."
‑ Steven Snyder, Zertinet Movies
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