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Reality and video games merge in this high-concept sci-fi action thriller from Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. In the not too distant future, mind-control technology allows humans to control the actions and movements of other humans, allowing reclusive billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall) to create the ultimate video game. It's called "Slayers," and it's a mass-scale, multiplayer online first-person shooter that's as controversial as it is popular. In the world of gamers, Simon (Logan Lerman) is a rock star; miraculously managing to keep his character… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have slowly started garnering actual critical consideration for their Crank movies; with Gamer, they make another good case for taking them seriously."
‑ Vadim Rizov, L.A. Weekly
"Bodies and buildings blow up but this is carnage of the most lacklustre sort, with any momentum petering out long before it's "game over.""
‑ Jason Anderson, Toronto Star
"Like so many movies, the set-up and presentation of Gamer is awesome. The story, characters and writing... not so much."
‑ Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures
"What to make of short-attention-span artists satirizing a short-attention-span world? [Blu-ray]"
‑ Peter Canavese, Groucho Reviews
"a big, loud mess that loses its few good ideas in a morass of convoluted storytelling that it has, sadly, confused with stylish innovation"
‑ Andrea Chase, Killer Movie Reviews
"Crank's Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor direct with their usual flashy brio, and basso profundo Keith David has a sublime cameo as a cop indignant at the thought of a pistachio peanut butter sandwich."
‑ Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York
"It's a deeply cynical and joyless point of view, completely lacking in the winking visual style that made Crank worth a look."
‑ Glenn Whipp, Los Angeles Times
"Wait for this one on Cable... jeez I'm saying that a lot. What is really going on in 2009?"
‑ Kamal 'The Diva' Larsuel, 3BlackChicks Review
"Incoherent and interminable..."
‑ David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews
"A streak of genius runs through this dystopian vision of a world in where VR games are played with real people ... it touches some exposed nerves before retreating into clichés."
‑ Maitland McDonagh,
"In the press materials Mr. Butler informs us enthusiastically that the movie "has all the hallmarks of Neveldine's and Taylor's sick, yet genius minds." At least he's half right."
‑ Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times
"Crass, nonstop action triumphs over narrative and character in this movie-length simulation of a video game."
‑ Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter
"Neveldine and Taylor simply spray their venom across the screen with little vision, once again making a friendly trip to the multiplex feel like undeserved torture."
‑ Brian Orndorf,
"At times striking, and at others silly, and and yet at others sickening, but never too stupid, at least not compared to so much else flash and pop peddled to the masses these days."
‑ William Goss, Cinematical
"Gamer feels like a video cheapie that just time warped in from the 1990s . . ."
‑ James O'Ehley, fantastiqueZINE
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