Gozu (Gokud˘ ky˘fu dai-gekij˘: Gozu)
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At a yakuza gathering, Ozaki (Sh˘ Aikawa of the Dead or Alive films) unsettles the boss (Renji Ishibashi) when he claims a small dog outside the restaurant is a "yakuza attack dog" and viciously smashes it to death. Minami (Hideki Sone) is assigned to drive the apparently unstable Ozaki to a remote location and kill him. Minami considers Ozaki a "brother," and feels ambivalent about this assignment. After several odd incidents on the road, Minami ends up in the small town of Nagoya, where things get even odder. Unable to get a signal on his cellular, Minami goes into a… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 71%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"An undisciplined mess."
‑ Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times
"There is something compelling about the way this film sneakily taps into our collective psychosexual fantasies."
‑ Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel
"Gozu takes you on a very strange psychosexual journey, which is all the more disturbing because it takes place in completely ordinary surroundings..."
‑ Sarah Boslaugh, Playback:stl
"Miike has a knack for tapping into deep-seated cultural anxieties-- particularly male sexual anxiety--that few filmmakers can match."
‑ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide
"How refreshing it is to see a movie, even an imperfect one, that is completely unpredictable and astonishingly bizarre."
‑ Paul Doro, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Plays like the rantings of a madman, but a pretty entertaining madman."
‑ Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Makes little sense on paper. As a film, however, it somehow feels richly, hilariously real, even -- at its most bizarre -- familiar."
‑ Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post
"Many times it's just a rambling and incoherent mess without a point in sight..."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"Anyone in the mood for a gender-bending yakuza comedy/horror film and who doesn't mind seeing a lot of bodily fluids spewing onto the screen ought to give Gozu a whirl."
‑ Paul Matwychuk, Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)
"Starts off making almost no sense and becomes less and less logical the longer it plays."
‑ Phil Villarreal, Arizona Daily Star
"For Miike freaks only (and you know who you are). Everyone else: Stay far, far away."
‑ G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
"I don't think this is quite the film with which to begin a Miike investigation."
‑ Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
"Beat's back, with another Yakuza flick under his (black?) belt."
‑ Jason Gorber, Film Scouts
"Takashi Miike is one sick puppy. Anyone who has seen his films understands ... All the same, Miike is an astonishing, prolific filmmaker"
‑ Matt Kelemen, Las Vegas CityLife
"... prime evidence in the argument that gonzo gangster movie maverick Takashi Miike is a major director goofing on minor works."
‑ Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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