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"As a study of stasis and of people conscious of not living the lives they had imagined for themselves, the picture offers a bracing undertow of seriousness beneath the deceptively casual, dramatically offhand surface."
‑ Todd McCarthy, Variety
"Stiller is expert at playing self-indulgent types unaware of their boorishness, and Greenberg is no exception."
‑ Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic
"His sharpest observations are reserved for preternaturally intelligent, hyper-self-conscious outsiders whose existential crises are the failure of the world-and, to some extent, themselves-to live up to their own high expectations."
‑ Scott Foundas, Film Comment Magazine
"Obviously there's running commentary from director Noah Baumbach -- his characters are never free of context -- but they don't have epiphanies, they don't learn and they don't apologize. It's kind of refreshing."
‑ Dave White, Movies.com
"Ben Stiller plays the most repellent character I have ever seen in a movie and that includes "Dracula". If you are going to feature a repellent character, you have to make him or her interesting. Bela Lugosi was a huge success by comparison."
‑ Louis Proyect, rec.arts.movies.reviews
"A film of powerful, memorable moments -- some striking dialogue, some great performances, a handful of beautifully played, bracingly discomfiting love scenes -- in search of a structure and, perhaps, a soul."
‑ Tom Huddlestone, Time Out
"What saves it, however, is Gerwig. The love story ain't credible, but her performance is, perfectly capturing a young woman who doesn't lack confidence so much as a sense of self."
‑ Rick Groen, Globe and Mail
"Stiller succeeds in a dramatic role but the script underwhelms with a meandering story and an unlikable lead character."
‑ John Hanlon, Big Hollywood
"Baumbach's writing and direction of these characters display more of a novelistic touch...but the approach produces a deeply felt view of flawed individuals."
‑ Mark Pfeiffer, Reel Times: Reflections on Cinema
"This is more of a character study than it is a real story. The characters in the film are vivid and they make indelible impressions. The acting is excellent all around."
‑ Robert Roten, Laramie Movie Scope
"Noah Baumbach again investigates psychologically screwed-up people, although this time with much less comedic impact."
‑ Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter
"In many ways this is Baumbach's best film, filled with his bitter but often funny misanthropic perspective, but buoyed by the undeniable likability of Stiller and Gerwig."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"Not the feel-good film of the year, but Greenberg is a powerful account of how a few lost souls can find meaning and direction in life."
‑ Ben Kendrick, ScreenRant
"Greenberg is not an enjoyable movie, but it's a unique experience that will mostly appeal to cinephiles with insatiable appetites for character-driven small films."
‑ Matt Kelemen, Las Vegas CityLife
"From the ever-inventive mind of Noah Baumbach comes a deep comedy that seems to combine elements from his last two films."
‑ S. James Wegg, JWR
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