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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 7%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"This is pap, plain and simple: scattered raunch-lite devoid of emotional resonance."
‑ Andy Webster, New York Times
"When Taylor Lautner is the funniest thing in a movie starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, we're in trouble."
‑ Richard Roeper, Richard
""Grown Ups 2" takes its rightful place in the pantheon of terrible films, becoming just another one to avoid like your life depended on it."
‑ Jeff Beck,
"Adam Sandler's follow-up to one of the most improbable blockbuster comedy hits in film history - Grown Ups took $270m in 2010 - is a similarly plotless, reasonably pleasant, rough-edged comic ramble."
‑ Jim Schembri, 3AW
"Somehow, the word 'sequel' doesn't fit: it would be like describing three months of agonising spinal surgery as the sequel to falling off a cliff."
‑ Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph
"A movie of fools, by fools, for fools."
‑ Laremy Legel,
"The fact that some moments are genuinely laugh-out-loud funny almost makes the whole endeavor sadder."
‑ Stephanie Merry, Washington Post
"Grown Ups 2 is the culmination and epitome of laziness not just for Sandler, his friends, or director Dennis Dugan, but comedy as a genre."
‑ Robert Kojder, What Culture
"This is not a movie. This is nothing but Adam Sandler hanging out with his pals and congratulating himself on how awesome he finds himself to be."
‑ MaryAnn Johanson, Flick Filosopher
"As disposable and forgettable as its 2010 predecessor..."
‑ David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews
"Friendship, family and breasts: Sometimes that's all you need."
‑ Adam Graham, Detroit News
"The movie lurches from one gross-out scene to another, flipping the bird at continuity and logic. It honestly seems as if Sandler and his team descended on a random suburb, halfheartedly improvising and moving on when they got bored."
‑ Sara Stewart, New York Post
"The leads dampen the delivery with a noticeable lack of energy. It's telling when the most charismatic comedic performance comes from Taylor Lautner..."
‑ Liam Maguren,
"There was nothing remotely notable about 2010's Grown Ups, and now we have a sequel that's even lazier."
‑ Rich Cline,
"It's easy to be critical of films which have no aim other than to entertain, but if you're half way to Sandler's juvenile, rather sexist mentality you will find more comedy highlights than you'll be expecting."
‑ Graham Young, Birmingham Mail
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