Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst
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Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst
In 1974, young Patty Hearst became a media icon after she was kidnapped from her apartment by a group calling itself the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). At the time, Patty was an impressionable college student who happened to be the granddaughter of the infamous William Randolph Hearst. The SLA's demands on Hearst's family were unique; hoping to spark a class war in America, they instructed the Hearsts to make a multimillion dollar donation of food to the poor. But the story firmly imprinted itself in the history books when, two months after the initial abduction, Patty appeared to… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"A mostly compelling and exceedingly fair-minded look back at the case."
‑ Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press
"A meticulous and often fascinating reconstruction of a chaotic time."
‑ Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times
"British director Robert Stone takes a dispassionate look at this circus, and his retelling of events makes the situation more complicated than I remembered."
‑ Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer
"Guerrilla is so dull that it almost makes you wonder what was all the fuss about the Symbionese Liberation Army."
‑ Jeff Vice, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
"Demonstrates the tragic lengths that unhinged revolutionaries will go to when ordinary political change seems impossible to achieve."
‑ Marc Mohan, Oregonian
"Fine as far as it goes -- a worthy lesson in counter-culture history and the rise of media hysteria."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"Urban terrorism inspired by Robin Hood."
‑ Louis Proyect,
"The footage is astonishing, revealing the events of 30 years ago and some scary truths about where the world is today."
‑ Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall
"Sometimes a documentary is only as good as the interviews the filmmaker gets. ... [and] those who could provide insight to Hearst's ordeal are either dead or not talking."
‑ Sean Means, Salt Lake Tribune
"The twists of the story are still gripping and director Robert Stone does a solid job of assembling the information for a moviegoing generation to whom the mid-'70s are ancient history."
‑ William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"To misquote Buffalo Springfield, something was happening here; what it was ain't exactly clear."
‑ Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"A gripping, thought-provoking film that works as both a thriller and a social document."
‑ Matthew Turner, ViewLondon
"Younger audiences will receive the kind of modern-history lesson that's never taught in school."
‑ Al Krulick, Orlando Weekly
"Unlike the recent Weather Underground, which dealt with another group of '60s radicals and showed us where they are today, Guerrilla is content with the surface of this story."
‑ Chris Hewitt (St. Paul), St. Paul Pioneer Press
"A fascinating reminder of the level of political discontent in America during the early 1970s."
‑ Paul Sherman, Boston Herald
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