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Since they met at a party, ambitious high-flyer Nat and struggling novelist Josh have been deliriously happy despite their differences. Josh is a thinker, Nat's a doer..but the spark between them is undeniable. Their wedding is a dream come true, but family, friends and even the minister who marries them aren't convinced that they can last. Josh's ex-girlfriend, Chloe, and Nat's handsome American client Guy, could offer attractive alternatives. With their first anniversary approaching, neither wants to be the first to give up, but will they make it? (c) Magnolia

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 55%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

""I Give It a Year" is a smart farce that would make Hugh Grant and his fans proud."
‑ Leba Hertz, San Francisco Chronicle
"The tonal clash is jarring, and Mazer doesn't help matters by erring on the side of blandness."
‑ Peter Keough, Boston Globe
"It's funny, yes, but also depressing, like watching the mating habits of mollusks."
‑ Kelly Vance, East Bay Express
"Mazer, a Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator, directs this comedy without much snap, crackle or pop."
‑ Dann Gire, Daily Herald (IL)
"A fun, amusing, will-they-or-won't-they confection -- a love rhombus wherein a hastily married couple grapples with mutually wandering eyes."
‑ Brent Simon, Shockya.com
"Mazer's previous onscreen experience is undeniably obvious. No penis is left unfilmed, no crude scene prevented from going on far too long."
‑ Linda Barnard, Toronto Star
"Can a comedy be too funny for its own good?"
‑ Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"The big laughs compensate for the lack of a suitable emotional payoff."
‑ Todd Jorgenson, Cinemalogue.com
"[VIDEO ESSAY] As a premise, a doomed marriage sounds like a no-brainer: you can pile on outrageous episodes of slapstick, physical comedy and biting wit. Unfortunately, "I Give It a Year" is a no-brainer."
‑ Cole Smithey, ColeSmithey.com
"While individual actors can be amusing, especially among supporting players, "I Give It a Year" is thoroughly tone deaf. I wouldn't give it five minutes."
‑ Laura Clifford, Reeling Reviews
"In addition to some trite set pieces, writer-director Dan Mazer serves up nothing more than conspicuous cynicism masquerading as comedy."
‑ Stephanie Merry, Washington Post
"As pure comedy, it's a hoot."
‑ Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post
"You might not want to stick by it in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part, but it's a reasonable enough companion for a night out at the cinema."
‑ Chris Knight, National Post
"It's not romantic in the slightest, and it is quite comedic on occasion, but the parts don't fit together at all."
‑ Sheila O'Malley, RogerEbert.com
"Turns the romantic comedy on its head by utilizing a simple and effective formula that blends parody and affecting relationship dramatics."
‑ Robert Levin, amNewYork
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