Last Ounce of Courage
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Last Ounce of Courage
Last Ounce of Courage is the story of a grieving father inspired by his grandson to take a stand for faith and freedom against a tide of apathy and vanishing liberty. Alongside fellow citizens of courage, faith, and integrity, he is a champion for the cherished principles we the people hold dear. A tale of family bonds and free expression, the film seeks to encourage all Americans to take a stand and raise their voices in support of their beliefs. Last Ounce of Courage and Veritas are proud to partner with StandUSA, an online community for American values, in standing up for the ideals of… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 0%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"This religious-themed drama about a small-town mayor's personal crusade against "the war on Christmas" is about as subtle as the character's name -- Bob Revere."
‑ Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
"The problem with this numbskull travesty isn't that it's fatuous and smug (which it is). It's that it's slack and dull."
‑ Mark Feeney, Boston Globe
"A Christian themed movie that needs better acting and definitely a better script."
‑ Jackie K. Cooper,
"Politics aside, the hamfisted melodrama, amateurish acting, a tasteless finale and a cameo by either God or a ZZ Top cover-band refugee make "Last Ounce of Courage" laughably awful."
‑ Sean Means, Salt Lake Tribune
"A good reminder that storytelling clichés and inattention to narrative detail can detract from a movie's message."
‑ Chris Foran, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"The sheer volume of what I like to call "eyebrow acting" -- in which thespian intensity is directly proportional to the angle and depth of one's forehead furrows -- is staggering."
‑ Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post
"Bookended by a pair of Ronald Reagan quotes, "Last Ounce of Courage" is pure preaching-to-the-choir poppycock."
‑ Barbara VanDenburgh, Arizona Republic
"It's a call for the faithful to rise up if they, or any heathens who stumble in the audience, can wake from their naps or their fits of helpless unintentional laughter."
‑ Dan Lybarger, KC Active
"It's a bait-and-switch that masquerades as inspirational drama while pushing a political agenda."
‑ Todd Jorgenson,
"This is bigotry masquerading as leadership, thuggery claiming the banner of freedom, braggadocio pretending to be strength."
‑ Nell Minow, Beliefnet
"The patriot-packaged "Last Ounce of Courage" has been made with the conviction of true zealots, but also the competence of amateurs."
‑ Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times
"It takes the joy of Christmas and makes it bellicose. I'd rather have a black licorice candy cane, thanks."
‑ Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle
"America--$%#@ This!!!"
‑ Peter Sobczynski,
"... sort of a Red Dawn for those who believe that Christmas is under assault by secular forces. It is the very first movie that comes with "The Chuck Norris Seal of Approval.""
‑ Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
"Filled with flawed ideas, subtle bigotry, and amateurish technique, Last Ounce of Courage tested my last ounce of patience."
‑ Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat
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