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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 81%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Courtenay slowly works his way into the center of the movie's sympathies. When he embraces his remaining family at the moment of his son's execution, his sorrow seems boundless."
‑ Peter Rainer, Los Angeles Times
"The script, by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, finds enough quirks in its protagonists to lift them above the issues-movie premise. Michael Kamen's atmospheric chamber score is also crucial to the film's success."
‑ Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times
"The last 30 minutes of the story are overwhelmingly strong, blending human drama and social history into a series of extremely moving scenes, leading to a brief coda that's as unexpected and audacious as anything seen on a movie screen in years."
‑ David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor
"It does not follow that behind every great miscarriage of justice lies a great movie. Case in point: the well-intentioned but ultimately unsatisfying Let Him Have It."
‑ Joanne Kaufman, People Magazine
"It is straightforward and riveting, with an unexpected emotional power."
‑ Candice Russell, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"As the protagonist/victim, Eccleston gives a superb, riveting performance in his feature-film debut, as does Reynolds, another newcomer who deftly handles the role of the gun-crazy and trigger-happy Chris."
‑ Clifford Terry, Chicago Tribune
"A chiaroscuro drama of unstoppable tragedy."
‑ Mary Makarushka, Entertainment Weekly
"It's the kind of resonant, controlled and moving film that is all but unmakeable in America today. More's the shame."
‑ Stephen Hunter, Baltimore Sun
"This recreation seethes with quiet outrage, building, albeit slowly, to a climax that should put anyone who favours state retribution over rehabilitation to shame."
‑ Matt Glasby, Total Film
"A stirring film which leads the viewer to empathetic resolve."
‑ , TV Guide's Movie Guide
"Let Him Have It is unabashedly weighted toward the perspective of the murderer as victim -- a notion that does not enjoy much public currency in our more violent times. But if ever there was a victim of the judicial system, it was Derek Bentley."
‑ Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer
"Fairness isn't the issue here, dramatic depth is: You don't have to favor capital punishment to feel yourself being manipulated."
‑ Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel
"Let Him Have It is strongest in the human interest department and weakest as a thriller."
‑ Phillipa Bloom, Empire Magazine
"With drab-chic production, Christopher Eccleston's marvellous central performance and a pop nostalgia soundtrack, the odious miscarriage of justice comes vividly to life to scandalise anew those unfamiliar with the true facts."
‑ Alan Jones, Radio Times
"Listen to Elvis Costello's song "Let Him Dangle" and see this movie."
‑ Cole Smithey, ColeSmithey.com
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