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The true story of the kids who created modern skateboard culture is recreated in this drama. In the early '70s, skateboards were seen as a fad of the 1960s that had all but died out, but in a rough-and-tumble Venice, CA community known as "Dogtown," that was about to change. Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk), Stacy Peralta (John Robinson), and Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch) were three guys who liked to surf the rugged beaches around Venice and hung out at the Zephyr Surf Shop, a store run by Skip Engblom (Heath Ledger) that stocked gear for adventurous surfers and skateboarders. With the advent… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 55%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"These kids can act, and they can ride those boards."
‑ Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper
"If watching Dogtown and Z-Boys was tantamount to witnessing history itself, watching Lords of Dogtown, which Peralta wrote, feels more like watching a stiff, meticulously choreographed reenactment."
‑ Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
"Lords of Dogtown is an interesting look at the start of an ever increasingly more popular part of American youth culture, but often settles for surface gloss instead of introspection."
‑ Joshua Starnes, ComingSoon.net
"Dogtown's testosterone fueled, deeply and sadly affectionate excursion into the contact highs and lows of male adolescence, gets it just right and more."
‑ Prairie Miller, Long Island Press
"The three leads are superb, with Hirsch probably the stand-out - he and Rasuk do particularly well to suggest more than the script's rather one-note characterisation allows."
‑ Matthew Turner, ViewLondon
"Lords of Dogtown stays afloat, largely because many of its actors transcend Hardwicke's heavy-handed storytelling."
‑ Stephanie Zacharek, Salon.com
"It's hard to think of a movie since 1950's Sunset Boulevard that has gotten more dramatic impact out of a pool."
‑ Mike Clark, USA Today
"As the three friends separate via commercial successes afforded them, "Lords Of Dogtown" becomes a distinctly youthful American anecdote about the nature of friendship and success."
‑ Cole Smithey, ColeSmithey.com
"A modestly entertaining movie, thanks largely to the efforts of director Catherine Hardwicke and the three leads."
‑ Ethan Alter, Film Journal International
"I found the never-ending circle of skates, booze, drugs and girls rather repetitive and boring, but skate-board fanatics will lap up every intense moment"
‑ Urban Cinefile Critics, Urban Cinefile
"Lords of Dogtown isn't a cop-out, but rather an ever-so-slight concession to commercialism, while Dogtown and Z-Boys was, above all else, a love song to the counterculture."
‑ Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post
"For someone who was there, not to mention someone who created Dogtown and Z-Boys, Peralta has crafted a script so superficial and simplistic it feels like it was tapped out by a 14-year-old fan."
‑ Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star
"You don't have to care much about skateboarding (I really don't) to find the movie exhilarating and engaging."
‑ Rob Gonsalves, eFilmCritic.com
"...a thoroughly dull piece of work."
‑ David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews
"Director Catherine Hardwicke grew up in the area where the Zephyr team lived and she gets the look and feel of it just right."
‑ Robert Roten, Laramie Movie Scope
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