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This $90 million science fiction adventure is adapted from the television series, created by Irwin Allen, which originally ran on CBS from 1965 to 1968. The original series employed a Swiss Family Robinson in outer space premise; sent to colonize a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, the Robinson family was thrown off course by a stowaway and was left wandering from planet to planet (and changing along the way from a black-and-white series to a color series). The 1998 remake is set in the year 2058, when the United Global Space Force sends Professor John Robinson (William Hurt) and family --… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 28%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Takes the whimsy and surrealism of the show and transforms it in to this muddy, grimy, and droning space opera that completely over thinks the premise."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"...the motion picture tries hard to recapture that former tone, and, yes, even retains the same lines."
‑ John J. Puccio, Movie Metropolis
"The acting is generally average, but Stephen Hopkins's directing is virtually non-present."
‑ John R. McEwen, Film Quips Online
"A hodgepodge of influences and devices without its own look or effective narrative structure."
‑ Rod Granger, Film Journal International
"Able to exist on its own terms as an imaginative and active space adventure, while still catering to fans of the original"
‑ Shane Burridge, rec.arts.movies.reviews
"I was never a big fan of the original TV show, so this movie didn't slay any sacred cows for me."
‑ Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures
"The casting splits you down the middle -- you don't know whether to be grateful that you at least have good actors to watch, or to regret that they're given nothing to do."
‑ Rob Gonsalves, eFilmCritic.com
"Sloppily slapped-together blockbuster wannabe."
‑ Michael Dequina, TheMovieReport.com
"One expedition that should have been scrubbed long before the final countdown."
‑ David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor
"It's a ride, nothing more."
‑ Widgett Walls, Needcoffee.com
"Strictly for fans of the TV show or sci-fi buffs."
‑ Paul Trandahl, Common Sense Media
"It's a special-effects bonanza with space battles, spider aliens and virtual reality sequences, but this remake of the popular 1960s TV series seriously lacks humor."
‑ Judith Egerton, Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY)
"As TV-to-movie adaptations go, 'Lost In Space' is probably one of the more respectable entries in the field, with expensive production values adding a classy sheen to what's essentially cheesy material."
‑ James Sanford, Kalamazoo Gazette
"Lost in Script"
‑ Carlo Cavagna, AboutFilm.com
"Mildly entertaining outer space adventure marred by some atrocious performances."
‑ Scott Weinberg, eFilmCritic.com
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