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It's not unusual to see two women fighting over the same man in a movie, only this time it's his mother and his fiancée vying for his attention in this broad comedy. While Charlotte Cantilini (Jennifer Lopez), known to her friends as Charlie, has never had much luck in her love life, one day her ship arrives in a big way when she meets Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), a doctor who is charming, handsome, and wealthy. Kevin also has a famous mother, Viola Fields (Jane Fonda), who has enjoyed a long and successful career as a news broadcaster. When Kevin and Charlie fall head over heels for… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 16%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"This really plays a like a really bad sitcom from forty years ago."
‑ Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper
"Trust me, Monster-in-Law not only makes more sense as an Unforgiven-ish parable of old-school Hollywood feminism's wrath, it's worlds more fun."
‑ Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star
"Fonda is terrific playing the mess that is Viola. Her introduction tells you everything you need to know about her: after learning she has been fired she attacks a vacuous Britney Spears clone on air. It never reaches that kind of mean-spirited fun again."
‑ Joshua Starnes,
"In the American tradition of diva moms from hell."
‑ Prairie Miller, Long Island Press
"full review in Greek"
‑ Joseph Proimakis, Movies for the Masses
"In a movie about diva-to-diva warfare, each diva is miscast."
‑ Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
"Monster-in-Law is a comedy without laughs and a catfight without claws."
‑ Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times
"The catfight battle between Fonda and Lopez barely reaches a simmer before all is forgiven and the audience is dismissed from their seats."
‑ Cole Smithey,
"In this casting match-up, Lopez is totally outclassed."
‑ Shirley Sealy, Film Journal International
"It's nice to see Jane Fonda back on screen. One just wishes it were in a better picture."
‑ Forrest Hartman, Reno Gazette-Journal
"Fonda and Sykes are made for each other, and their incessant bickering and arguing are about the only things that give Monster-in-Law any life."
‑ Stephanie Zacharek,
"It's a crude, obvious comedy, which occasionally clunks, but it's often very funny, as well as being a really shrewd bit of popular entertainment."
‑ Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
"For a revenge comedy to work, the villain should be so despicable that you relish those moments when the victim turns the tables and gets even. This flick is misleading because the title character is not really mean, but rather a sympathetic figure."
‑ Kam Williams, Princeton Town Topics
"For such a rich premise, Kochoff produced a fairly lackluster script."
‑ Mary Lasse, Christianity Today
"You've got the makings of one royally uninspired comedy and utterly generic Hollywood mess."
‑ David Cornelius,
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