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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 16%

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"Keenen Ivory Wayans ... is said to have done some of the research for his story on the Internet, which is just one more reason to fear the influence of this technological monster."
‑ Jack Mathews, Los Angeles Times
"Not only is the screenplay for Most Wanted laughably absurd, but it contains line after line of the worst dialogue available in any film currently on a multiplex screen."
‑ James Berardinelli, ReelViews
"Wayans looks the action hero: buff, cool, and stoic, but in straying from his normal comedic persona he also strips himself of any charm and personality."
‑ Michael Dequina, TheMovieReport.com
"[T]he film isn't as terrible as you might think - it's just bad."
‑ Jeff Vice, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
"The good news is that he infuses the potentially dry, formulaic plot with comedy. The bad news is that it's a by-the-numbers production."
‑ , E! Online
"Blandly generic and transparently derivative, pic appears to have been cobbled together from bits and pieces of earlier, better thrillers."
‑ Joe Leydon, Variety
"...just another generic action flick."
‑ Sean Means, Film.com
"Weak action movie. Not enough thrills to elevate the totally average story."
‑ Fred Topel, About.com
"Most Wanted is an overly familiar B-grade action flick..."
‑ Jack Garner, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"Not Bad."
‑ Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee
"Aside from a quirky performance by Jon Voight and a couple of well-executed action sequences, there's little to distinguish this Keenen Ivory Wayans production from dozens of other assassination-conspiracy thrillers."
‑ John Hartl, Film.com
"Quite simply, Most Wanted is hack work, from every word of Wayans' screenplay to every exposed frame of David Glenn Hogan's direction."
‑ Jeff Millar, Houston Chronicle
"There's nothing hugely wrong with Most Wanted, except that it's painfully predictable and rather unconvincing."
‑ Maitland McDonagh, Film Journal International
"The movie is a conspiracy thriller with plenty of action scenes but not much in the way of tension or excitement."
‑ Liz Braun, Jam! Movies
"The result is an all-around competence that seems more than the sum of its parts."
‑ Bridget Byrne, Boxoffice Magazine
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