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Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) is a computer programmer working for Initech in Houston. Every day, he and his friends Samir (Ajay Naidu) and Michael Bolton (David Herman as not THAT Michael Bolton), suffer endless indignities and humiliations in their soulless workspace from their soulless boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole). For Peter, stuck in his cookie-cutter apartment with paper-thin walls and IKEA furniture, every day is worse than the one before it -- so every day is the worst of his life. To cap it off, Initech has hired a pair of "efficiency experts" to downsize the company. One… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 79%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Office Space, a knowing, somewhat slight, often hilarious sendup of cubicle culture, exploits the yuks in the chronic misery of those routinely exposed to the monotonous gray of corporate minds and company decor."
‑ Rita Kempley, Washington Post
"Office Space feels cramped and underimagined. I think Judge is capable of making an inspired live-action comedy, but next time he'll have to remember to do what he does in his animated ones -- keep the madness popping."
‑ Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
"Imagine a live-action version of Dilbert, or In the Company of Men reconceived as a lighthearted romp, and you get the idea of Office Space, the auspicious live-action debut of Mike Judge."
‑ Ann Hornaday, Baltimore Sun
"The film doesn't make a strong case for Judge to move beyond cartoons to live actors."
‑ Leah Rozen, People Magazine
"A shapeless comedy of little merit."
‑ Ian Nathan, Empire Magazine
"The more you peer beneath the surface humor of Office Space the scarier and more serious its vision of contemporary existence becomes."
‑ Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
"Frequently uproarious."
‑ Joe Leydon, Variety
"Isn't it a shame that people expect certain conventions from their movies -- niggling little things like interesting plots with beginnings, middles and ends, and maybe a little character development thrown in for good measure?"
‑ Todd Anthony, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"The creator of Beavis and Butt- Head has made a laid-back, even subtle comedy that generally favors mischievous ironies over outlandish jokes."
‑ David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor
"Even if it doesn't up live to its inspired beginning, Mike Judge scores something with all the marks of a workplace cult classic with his first big-screen, live-action outing."
‑ Sandra Contreras, TV Guide's Movie Guide
"A hilarious knockdown of corporate culture."
‑ Michael Sragow, New Yorker
"A take-this-job-and-shove-it movie about the crushing malevolence of the corporate environment, it's on the verge of being really good."
‑ David Edelstein, Slate
"This unconventional satire of work relationships and office politics is one of the oddest studio comedies in years."
‑ Jason Caro, Radio Times
"So good, you should quit work to see it."
‑ , Film4
"The quintessential modern-day workplace comedy."
‑ Scott Nash, Three Movie Buffs
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