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A man (Sharlto Copley, DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM) wakes up in a pit of dead bodies with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Fleeing the scene, he breaks into a nearby house and is met at gunpoint by a group of terrified strangers, all suffering from memory loss. Suspicion gives way to violence as the group starts to piece together clues about their identities, but when they uncover a threat that's more vicious -- and hungry -- than each other, they are forced to figure out what brought them all together -- before it's too late. (c) Tribeca

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 15%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"The road to the finale is littered with dead bodies and red herrings, but Open Grave is more notable for its laid-back approach to storytelling than for its plot twists."
‑ Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice
"The film doesn't break any new ground, and with a few tweaks, it could have packed a far greater punch."
‑ Zach Hollwedel, Under the Radar
"Decent payoffs for those who are interested in playing along -- and willing to contend with a few slow spots in the mid-section."
‑ Scott Weinberg, FEARnet
"Perhaps next time a little more faith in the power of visuals and performance would do the trick. Anything but another 100 minutes of dull characters sharing their inner monologue would be preferable."
‑ Brian Orndorf,
"Individual moments linger, but the film is merely a rough draft of a thriller."
‑ David Lee Dallas, Slant Magazine
"Where the story leads is so disappointing-and hackneyed-it makes the entire journey feel like an enormous waste of time."
‑ Christy Lemire,
"Open Grave starts off well enough, but soon finds itself as lost and confused as its amnesiac characters."
‑ Jeff Beck,
"It's a nifty what's-going-on-here? setup with loads of potential, all of which is sadly squandered."
‑ Mike D'Angelo, The Dissolve
"Open Grave ends up merging Agatha Christie with 'The Last of Us,' with varying degrees of success."
‑ Sean O'Connell,
"The film's aura of mystery only works in the first 20 minutes or so, when it seems effortless; after that it feels like it's working very hard to keep the truth obscured, and in so doing just becomes a colorless slog."
‑ Ian Buckwalter, NPR
"Stock characters in a poorly plotted zombie-apocalypse storyline jabbed with a ham-fisted musical score, "Open Grave" is an elementary horror movie geared to set the genre back 30 years."
‑ Cole Smithey,
"... another genre head-scratcher from López-Gallego, who last brought us 'Apollo 18' ... It won't impress the more literal-minded fans of 'World War Z' or 'The Crazies.'"
‑ Glenn Lovell, CinemaDope
"Its climax may not be to everyone's tastes, but so relentless are the number of intriguing questions present in Open Grave's onset that it more than warrants a look."
‑ Simon Brookfield, We Got This Covered
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