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This comic spoof is spun off from a character that first appeared on The Chris Rock Show, and is written and directed by Louis C.K., one of that show's producers. Lance Crouther stars as Pootie Tang, a crime fighting superhero and recording artist who speaks in an unintelligible gibberish that seems to be a combination of Ebonics and street slang. Despite his communication problem, Pootie is a hero to children, whom he attempts to protect from the evil Dick Lecter (Robert Vaughn), a corporate fat cat out to corrupt America's youth with alcohol, tobacco, and junk food. Pootie also runs… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Pootie Tang works, in part, because it doesn't. Which is to say the movie's special success is inextricable from the moments where it blatantly fails. The movie exerts a beguiling charm that can only be explained as the je ne sais quoi of sa da tay."
‑ Nathan Lee, Village Voice
"Mostly an amusing exercise in black vernacular, searching for a point."
‑ Wesley Morris, San Francisco Chronicle
"Writer-director Louis C.K. (I wouldn't give my correct name either) was named on Entertainment Weekly's "It List," proving that entertainment is in a bad way."
‑ Ken Hanke, Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)
"Its humor tires not too long after the beginning credits have finished rolling."
‑ Steve Rhodes, Internet Reviews
"A spectacular train wreck of a film where the participants seem oblivious to the dreck they've crafted and performed in."
‑ Jim Judy, Screen It!
"A bona fide cult object in the making."
‑ Dennis Lim, Village Voice
"It would've made a great 30-minute comic short. Most of the film is padding."
‑ Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle
"Pootie is such an original, utterly absurd conception that, however one may hesitate over superfluous matters of good taste or (horrors!) political correctness, anyone with an ounce of humor will find it impossible not to succumb in gales of laughter."
‑ David Noh, Film Journal International
"It seems as if the studio thought they had a black Austin Powers, while in fact what they have is more like a black Dude, Where's My Car?."
‑ Luke Y. Thompson, New Times
"Sorry, Lance, but Rudy Ray Moore you ain't."
‑ Tor Thorsen, Reel.com
"A pretty inspired and consistently witty satirical skewering of three decade's worth of macho black pop cultural clichés."
‑ Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star
"This astonishingly unfunny Paramount comedy is burdened with writing, direction and acting that would cause Ed Wood to wince."
‑ Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter
"There are bad movies, there are disappointing movies, and then there's Pootie Tang, a movie so incompetent, it almost defies description."
‑ Catharine Tunnacliffe, eye WEEKLY
"Good for a couple of well-earned laughs but ultimately overstays its welcome."
‑ Steve Simels, TV Guide's Movie Guide
"Mostly it's shoddy, amateurish, and cheap-looking."
‑ Jim Lane, Sacramento News & Review
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