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Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is no ordinary archeologist. When we first see him, he is somewhere in the Peruvian jungle in 1936, running a booby-trapped gauntlet (complete with an over-sized rolling boulder) to fetch a solid-gold idol. He loses this artifact to his chief rival, a French archeologist named Belloq (Paul Freeman), who then prepares to kill our hero. In the first of many serial-like escapes, Indy eludes Belloq by hopping into a convenient plane. So, then: is Indiana Jones afraid of anything? Yes, snakes. The next time we see Jones, he's a soft-spoken, bespectacled professor.… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 95%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Yes, it's as entertaining as you have heard. Maybe more so. Raiders of the Lost Ark is, in fact, about as entertaining as a commercial movie can be."
‑ Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune
"...a crackerjack fantasy-adventure that shapes its pulp sensibilities and cliff-hanging serial origins into an exhilarating escapist entertainment that will have broad-cased summer audiences in the palm of its hand."
‑ Stephen Klain, Variety
"Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie. I don't have to tell you why it's great. You know why it's great. Instead, what follows is a list of very personal moments."
‑ Alexander Huls, Movie Mezzanine
"This film is a volcano of creative ideas in full eruption -- the modern high action adventure against which all others must now be measured."
‑ Ralph Novak, People Magazine
"As action adventure goes, it's about the best there is."
‑ Derek Malcolm, This is London
"Raiders of the Lost Ark has it all -- or, anyway, more than enough to transport moviegoers back to the dazzling, thrill-sated matinee idyls of old."
‑ Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine
"One would think that a collaboration between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas would produce something better than this giggly pastiche of a Republic serial..."
‑ Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader
"There is a charm and vitality to Raiders of the Ark, which Spielberg later admitted was "the first movie where I actually shot the movie without thinking"."
‑ Martin Chilton, Daily Telegraph
"Hold on tight, because it starts at full throttle and never lets up."
‑ Alan Jones, Radio Times
"Steven Spielberg's rollicking adventure yarn still looks buoyant and dashing after 30 years."
‑ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
"The thrills are fully consumed while you're seeing this movie, and it's totally over when it's over. It's a workout. You feel as if you'd been to the desert digs: at the end your mind is blank, yet you're parched, you're puffing hard -- you want relief."
‑ Pauline Kael, New Yorker
"Whether you swallow it or not, see it for a handful of totally unexpected visual jokes, worth the price of admission alone."
‑ Geoff Andrew, Time Out
"Harrison Ford embodies the persona of Indiana Jones with perfection and paves him as an iconic hero."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"impossibly good"
‑ Walter Chaw, Film Freak Central
"The boulder has never looked bigger, the guns have never sounded louder and Indy's whip has never cracked sharper than they do here."
‑ Neil Smith, Total Film
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