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A tale of anger, revenge, and great courage, the film follows two fathers as their families and lives converge. On a warm September evening, college professor Ethan Learner, his wife Grace, and their daughter Emma are attending a recital. Their 10-year-old son Josh is playing cello--beautifully, as usual. His younger sister looks up to him, and his parents are proud of their son. On the way home, they all stop at a gas station on Reservation Road. There, in one terrible instant, he is taken from them forever. On a warm September evening, law associate Dwight Arno and his 11-year-old son Lucas… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 36%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Despite its contrivances, Reservation Road is moving at times, and that's largely due to the skill of its cast."
‑ Connie Ogle, Miami Herald
"Reservation Road is a car wreck of a movie about an auto accident. It's designed as a psychological suspense film, but every character development and plot twist can be seen far in advance. It's a mystery with no guessing."
‑ Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Ultimately devolves into a Crime and Punishment-esque moral exercise, with heavy-handed social commentaries and a rough ending that left me with a bad taste in my mouth."
‑ Heather Huntington,
"Um drama barato e maniqueísta que apela para truques narrativos rasos a fim de arrancar lágrimas do espectador e, assim, comprovar o próprio valor."
‑ Pablo Villaca, Cinema em Cena
"George's thriller reveals itself to be nothing more than a by the numbers melodrama that's only saved by the excellent performances..."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"It starts with devastation and closes, after a few reels of narrative dithering, with a climax of hairpin emotional turns and indisputable power."
‑ Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle
"An exercise in frustration and wasted opportunities."
‑ Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic
"Reservation Road, where the event central to this story takes place, is a symbolic crossroads for two families in this engaging drama about a hit and run accident and its aftermath."
‑ Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile
"The filmmaker, whether in Rwanda or here at home, admirably weighs the difficult convictions and facile frailties of human nature, and those conflicting impulses towards cowardice and revenge or a far more arduous courage and honor, on a troubled planet."
‑ Prairie Miller, NewsBlaze
"A disappointing drama featuring paper thin female characters is rescued only by a superb performance from Mark Ruffalo."
‑ Wesley Lovell, Cinema Sight
"A film of distinguished performances that rise above a coincidence-riddled and perfunctory screenplay -- without redeeming it."
‑ Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer
"What did we do to deserve these grief-counselor filmmakers? They seem to think they can express something that we cannot, and they're so persistent. It's enough to make us want to run away from home."
‑ Kelly Vance, East Bay Express
"Would-be screenwriters are advised to catch Reservation Road on cable as it provides an object lesson of three awful script clichés that are to be avoided at all costs."
‑ Alonso Duralde, MSNBC
"prospathei na piasei ligo ap' ola, alla kataligei na min ehei kanenan sygkekrimeno stoho katholoy, i toylahiston kanenan sygkekrimeno poy na mporei na moirastei olokliromena mazi soy"
‑ Joseph Proimakis, Movies for the Masses
"George sustains this lightweight soap opera with the predictable pap of a Lifetime channel movie...this particular Road is certainly under construction."
‑ Frank Ochieng, Movie Eye
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