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Two teenagers find love and look for a place where they can be together in peace in this comedy drama from Australia. Samson (Rowan McNamara) is 15 years old and lives in a shabby town in the outback, where he huffs gasoline to get high, hangs out with his friends, and spends his days goofing off and getting into minor trouble. One day, Samson meets Delilah (Marissa Gibson) at the village market, a girl who follows a different path in life -- she looks after her elderly grandmother (Mitjili Gibson), and helps her create paintings that they sell to tourists to support themselves. While Delilah… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 94%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"This lovely, aching film opts for romance in the face of modern ruin."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"How do you know you're looking at a pretty good piece of filmmaking? When the director and actors can make you care about the central characters even though they exchange almost no dialogue."
‑ Neil Genzlinger, New York Times
"One of the great political films, masked as one of the best personal films, of 21st-century cinema. For all its unsparing, quietly condemning look at Australia's treatment of Aborigines today, it ends on a grace note of devotion and tender care."
‑ Brian Gibson, Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)
"There's little dialogue in Samson and Delilah and the film has a gritty, sun-baked poeticism to it."
‑ Beth Accomando,
"A poetic, tender and unflinchingly real love story. Its powerful visuals, music and raw, captivating performances will leave you feeling deeply moved."
‑ Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru
"This sterling 2009 debut by Warwick Thornton is harrowing and tragic but has a stoic, stately realism that elevates the material way above victim politics."
‑ Cliff Doerksen, Chicago Reader
"Pitched somewhere between City Of God and the Dardenne brothers, Samson And Delilah is unsparing in its brutal vision of the world."
‑ Sam Adams, AV Club
"Director Warwick Thornton's artistic choices alienated me as viewer and made me pray for the end."
‑ Adam Ross, The Aristocrat
"Thornton's grip on familiar narrative tropes comes to more and more resemble a choke-hold up until the film's lovely final moments"
‑ Chris Cabin,
"The actors succeed at portraying a couple whose bond is strong enough to not require words."
‑ Ethan Alter, NYC Film Critic
"The film may be hard as hell to watch, but it's even harder to look away from."
‑ Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post
"Thornton's modest little story about two indigenous teens had been hailed as ground zero for a glorious new wave in Australian cinema. For once, the hyperbole seems justified..."
‑ David Fear, Time Out New York
"Spare and beautiful, Samson & Delilah gives viewers a peephole into two characters' struggle in a corner of the earth not visited enough on film."
‑ Sarah Sluis, Film Journal International
"Thornton isn't concerned about filling in the lines, requiring viewers to make the connections for themselves. The film is all the more engaging for it."
‑ Annlee Ellingson, Moving Pictures Magazine
"A unstinting look at the social outcasts of Australian society made by a member of aboriginal society, its grim narrative punctuated by off-kilter humor in a minimalist style."
‑ Louis Proyect,
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