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Jigsaw, the diabolical criminal who captured the imagination of horror fans in the 2004 hit Saw, returns in this equally bloody sequel. Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) is a police detective who, after discovering the aftermath of a particularly gruesome murder, is convinced that Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is up to his ugly tricks again. Matthews' hunch turns out to be correct, but the master criminal proves to be disconcertingly easy to capture. As it happens, Jigsaw is eager to be put behind bars in order to throw the authorities off his trail as he once again punishes people who in his eyes… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 36%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"In a fun house like this the elaborate tortures seem to leave behind the real world of pain and suffering for the realm of slapstick; they're the kind of horrors that make you scream and laugh at the same time."
‑ Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
"Saw II only has one ambition -- to make us squirm. And it does. Just don't be surprised if you need to switch to an electric razor after this."
‑ Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
"The film doesn't take the direction most sequels do and manages to adequately follow up the original."
‑ Wesley Lovell, Cinema Sight
"A Reloaded style one-up in which more people are trapped in bigger places and forced to perform scarier tasks with nastier results. Wow."
‑ Rob Humanick, Projection Booth
"By no means a masterpiece of the genre, but it's a slickly made picture that more than delivers on the promise made on its poster--oh yes, there will be blood."
‑ Ethan Alter, Film Journal International
"Quite possibly Saw II sheds enough blood to satisfy horror aficionados."
‑ Susan Walker, Toronto Star
"Saw II -- better-acted than its predecessor, which isn't saying much -- is so gratuitously, sadistically violent, and to such little end, that it finally falls over dead on the far side of obscene."
‑ John Anderson, Newsday
"In every way superior to its predecessor in terms of performances, story, characterization, gore, and climax."
‑ Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
"Quite hideous."
‑ Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy
"Ultimately uninteresting."
‑ Staci Layne Wilson,
"As it was in the first Saw, audiences are faced with insane leaps in logic that sabotage the last part of the film."
‑ Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle
"Saw II has teeth, and this house-of-horrors franchise has legs, though they're manacled to the radiator."
‑ Kyle Smith, New York Post
"like the story, hate the directing"
‑ Stefan Birgir Stefansson,
"The ornate sadism isn't enough to carry our interest this time around."
‑ Rob Gonsalves,
"The slaughter in Saw II is pretty much non-stop, but you always see it coming. The movie's not really that scary, just gross in what by now is a fairly routine way."
‑ Kurt Loder, MTV
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