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Five American college students experience a particularly bad trip while vacationing in Ireland and partaking of the local hallucinogenic fungi in director Paddy Breathnach's tripped-out tale of sex, drugs, and slashers. Upon arriving in Ireland to go camping with their old college buddy Jake, Americans Tara, Troy, Holly, Bluto, and Lisa and their host eagerly set out into the wilderness in search of some magic mushrooms. As the trip starts to take hold and the group gathers around the campfire, Tara begins to wonder if she took too strong of a dose after Bluto goes missing, and she feels… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 24%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Even casual horror buffs have seen it all before."
‑ Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times
"As perhaps befits a film so concerned with being 'under the influence', Breathnach's hallucinogen-driven giallo turns its very derivativeness into a virtue, confounding viewers with a gleeful overdose of cinematic references."
‑ Anton Bitel,
"From the distorting lens used randomly to suggest unreality, to the twist ending lifted verbatim from the superior High Tension, it's about as imaginative as a portobello steak with onions."
‑ Bill White, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"Not just unoriginal, dull and as scary as the adventures of Noddy, Shrooms makes you want to plant a tombstone in the earth and mourn the death of horror."
‑ , Daily Mirror [UK]
"Student horror fans may find this worth a giggle, but it's not the nail-biting experience the trailers promise."
‑ Anna Smith,
"[A] half-baked effort."
‑ Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle
"Shrooms may seem great while you're under its spell, but once the drugs wear off and you wake up, it fades pretty quickly ... Still, it's not a bad trip while it lasts."
‑ Steve Biodrowski, ESplatter
"Some talent and effort went into creating the visuals; too bad the script appears to have sprouted from the same dung pile as the mushrooms."
‑ Stan Hall, Oregonian
‑ Ali Catterall, Film4
"Devoid of any real horror highs, it's a bit of a downer."
‑ Tim Stevens, Sky Movies
"Every element of Paddy Breathnach's Irish slasher movie is so familiar that it feels like a dog-eared horror anthology found down the back of the sofa."
‑ Nigel Floyd, Time Out
"Besides a few swell looking shots, this movie is just garbage."
‑ Austin Kennedy, Sin Magazine
"There are some fleetingly beautiful scenic shots and the odd atmospheric moment, but scissorhands editing destroys any suspense as it attempts to hide a very obvious plot twist; this is as boring as listening to anyone's drug story."
‑ Phelim O'Neill, Guardian
"A lo-fi shocker with a set-up so perfunctory, if you root around in your popcorn too long you'll miss it."
‑ Matt Mueller, Total Film
"There are a few effective jump scares but the dodgy acting and an appalling ending marks this out as an interesting first try rather than an indie breakaway hit."
‑ Helen OHara, Empire Magazine
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