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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 67%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"It's a dull and lifeless movie that doesn't have a place in the landscape of Australian cinema of 2010."
‑ Glenn Dunks, Onya Magazine
"South Solitary is perfect for those who prize art for its own sake and a perfect example of why the rest of Australia is afraid of Australian films."
‑ Giles Hardie, Sydney Morning Herald
"The film's restraint and its embrace of uncomfortable, spiky characters are deceptive elements; there is a quiet audacity about South Solitary that's an unexpected pleasure."
‑ Philippa Hawker, The Age (Australia)
"It's like it goes forever, this monotony of life on the island."
‑ Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies (Australia)
"Barrett returns in ship-shape fashion with an enjoyable tale of loneliness and remorse."
‑ David Michael Brown, Empire Magazine Australasia
"a moody period piece whose titular location is all at once tangibly real and evocatively figurative."
‑ Anton Bitel, Eye for Film
"It was Shirley Barrett who discovered Miranda Otto's gift for screen comedy and it is Barrett who is responsible for its re-emergence. It's been in hiding for a long time."
‑ Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald
"This is a lovely film: droll, endearing and poignant, with an intoxicating sense of place that seeps into your pores"
‑ Nick Dent, Sunday Mail (Australia)
"Stunningly photographed by Anna Howard, South Solitary is a very special film, both original and in its own way, quite a daring one."
‑ David Stratton, At the Movies (Australia)
"Call me impatient, but the fact that so little happens in the film's latter half at such a ponderous pace, compared to the charm of the former, means the credits can't roll too soon."
‑ James Mitchell, Trespass
"It is a beautiful thing to watch, even if the pacing feels a bit lopsided."
‑ Tim Martain, The Mercury
"South Solitary walks a fine line between tender drama and rueful comedy. As with all good tightrope acts, you can't take your eyes away for a minute."
‑ Julie Rigg, MovieTime, ABC Radio National
"Though beautifully acted and shot, South Solitary looks sure to be regarded as a decided acquired taste by many film goers."
‑ Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun (Australia)
"Meredith has a bath. Meredith milks a cow. Meredith chases a sheep. These scenes left me shaking my head with disbelief. Who could possibly find this interesting?"
‑ Matthew Toomey, ABC Radio Brisbane
"What lurks behind the whirling winds and the stoic characters is a warm-hearted film that also happens to be as pretty as a picture"
‑ Alice Tynan, Concrete Playground
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