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Hidden away in the Soviet archives for three decades, "I Am Cuba" is a wildly schizophrenic celebration of Communist kitsch, mixing Slavic solemnity with Latin sensuality -- a whirling, feverish dance through both the sensuous decadence of Batista's Havana and the grinding poverty and oppression of the Cuban people. In four stories of the revolution, Mikhail Kalatov's astonishingly acrobatic camera takes the viewer on a rapturous roller-coaster ride of bathing beauties, landless peasants, fascist police, and student revolutionaries.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 100%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Some of the most exhilarating camera movements and most luscious black-and-white cinematography you'll ever see inhabit this singular, delirious 141-minute communist propaganda epic."
‑ Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
"The resulting assault is so epicly impassioned it's less about Cuba per se than the fusillade of movement, shadow, light, vertigo, and landscape on the viewer's tender optic nerves."
‑ Michael Atkinson, Village Voice
"One of the most technically impressive films of its time, and one of the most politically naive."
‑ Ken Hanke, Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)
"Being suppressed by those who wanted [I Am Cuba] made in the first place is a vindication of sorts. Mere propaganda only reinforces the status quo. True art is revolutionary."
‑ Chris Barsanti, PopMatters
"a chest-thumping source of pride for the Soviet government, full of inciting imagery, enormous filmmaking prowess and the flavor of revolution"
‑ Norm Schrager, Filmcritic.com
"Cinema's singular dream, so often betrayed elsewhere, is to deliver such visions as this."
‑ , Time Out
"It is a dream of life in which everything is reduced to black and white. Or as the rhetoric used to go, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Nothing was ever quite that simple."
‑ Stephen Holden, New York Times
"A work of dazzling cinematographic invention that still has the ability to astound."
‑ Anthony Holden, Film4
"This loony, quasi-masterpiece is one of the great jagged edges of film history."
‑ Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid
"Considering the power of the film today, it's hard to believe it fared poorly when audiences finally saw it."
‑ Dan Lybarger, eFilmCritic.com
"It is one of the most visually hypnotic films ever -- and that's not hyperbole."
‑ G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
"In a sense, it's a movie about looking past surfaces to see what's in front of you. It takes the time to look around and discovers majesty, beauty and pathos everywhere it turns."
‑ Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times
"Politics, propaganda and poetry are whipped into an exotic cinematic cocktail in Mikhail Kalatozov's delirious tribute to the Cuban revolution..."
‑ Sean Axmaker, Turner Classic Movies Online
"visual impressions that will forever remain embedded in your mind's eye%u2014just as much as Picasso's La Guernica communicates the horrors of war"
‑ John A. Nesbit, Old School Reviews
"I Am Cuba is a cinephile's wet dream, a collage of Herculean feats of technical wizardry that would be easy to dismiss if it wasn't so humane."
‑ Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine
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