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Spider is set in the East End London in the 1960s and '80's. A deeply disturbed boy, Spider, 'sees' his father brutally murder his mother and replace her with a prostitute, Yvonne. Convinced they plan to murder him next, Spider hatches an insane plan, which he carries through to tragic effect. Years later, Spider is released into a halfway house, where he receives little care or attention from the landlady Mrs. Wilkinson. Unsupervised, Spider stops taking his medication and starts revisiting his childhood haunts. His attempts to sustain his delusional account of his past begin… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"This is one of the director's most accomplished films."
‑ Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle
"Definitely a trip into unexplored territory."
‑ Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
"Spider deserves much more than it'll probably get, it's a fine and enjoyable film from a cinematic master."
‑ Jason Gorber, Film Scouts
"Cronenberg pieces together a compelling portrait of madness, but one which lacks the poignancy to be a rich, moving character study."
‑ Jay Antani, Los Angeles Alternative
"This sorta over-ripe Freudianism is, like, so-o-o-o yesterday."
‑ Dan Jardine, Cinemania
"It's a pleasure to watch such an understated treatment of potentially sensational subject matter."
‑ Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News
"Spider isn't nearly as disturbing as it is intriguing, despite its subject matter."
‑ Tom Long, Detroit News
"... the film's slow, toilsome journey does not lead to any particularly shocking or interesting revelations."
‑ Jeffrey Overstreet, Looking Closer
"Fails to connect with its audience and concludes in a contradictory and jumbled fashion."
‑ Mark Sells, Oregon Herald
"Ainda que o filme (refletindo o estado mental de seu protagonista) impeça um maior envolvimento do espectador, é impossível deixar de admirar a bela estrutura da narrativa e a ótima atuação de Miranda Richardson."
‑ Pablo Villaca, Cinema em Cena
"Although languid to a fault, Spider offers some payoff for those with enough patience to stick it out."
‑ Bill Muller, Arizona Republic
"Claustrophobic and profoundly creepy, Spider isn't a pleasant viewing experience, and that's the point."
‑ Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"What Cronenberg achieves ultimately in his latest mind bender is the full-scale distraction of his audience."
‑ Jordan Hiller, Bangitout.com
"Cronenberg remains remarkably faithful to McGrath's vision. His success lies in his willingness to give himself over to the effect and atmosphere of the novel."
‑ Matt Kelemen, Las Vegas CityLife
"It isn't a film; it's a nightmare."
‑ Mark Dujsik, Mark Reviews Movies
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