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"Full of terribly inside showbiz jokes and populated by what could be called Burt and Hal's Rat Pack, film takes place in that redneck never-never land where most of the guys are beer-guzzling good ole boys and all the gals are fabulously built tootsies."
‑ Variety Staff, Variety
"Inoffensive and sometimes funny."
‑ Vincent Canby, New York Times
"This wholly derivative car-chase movie provides a flimsy excuse for good ol' boy Burt Reynolds to cavort on-screen with a cast that's chock-full of familiar faces."
‑ , TV Guide's Movie Guide
"It doesn't get any better or BIGGER than this"
‑ Clint Morris, Film Threat
"AAA calculates better road trips."
‑ Steve Crum, Kansas City Kansan
"The last five minutes, when they show out-takes of flubbed lines, etc, are hysterical. The rest is strictly for those willing to pay for a series of TV chat show performances."
‑ , Time Out
"Harmless entertainment at its most commercial and least artistic, offering some fun spotting the stars in cameos"
‑ Emanuel Levy, EmanuelLevy.Com
"Amiable, lightweight fun. Captain Chaos saves the day."
‑ Chuck O'Leary,
"If it wasn't for the blooper reel at the end, this would get no stars."
‑ Rob Thomas, Capital Times (Madison, WI)
"evokes another age before The Fast and the Furious and NASCAR replaced the fun in racing with, respectively, death and science"
‑ Eric Meyerson,
"The Cannonball Run is an abdication of artistic responsibility at the lowest possible level of ambition. In other words, they didn't even care enough to make a good lousy movie."
‑ Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
"Nonsense but fun nevertheless with a crazy ensemble cast of celebrities of the era."
‑ Ian Nathan, Empire Magazine
"My review at the time of release heralded this as, 'Wow! Whatta movie!' -- I am now officially amending that to: 'Wow! Amusing junk!'"
‑ Gregory Weinkauf, ▄berCinÚ
"A total waste of time."
‑ Alex Sandell, Juicy Cerebellum
"A movie that should have crashed at the starting line."
‑ Bob Bloom, Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)
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