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In Theaters August 29
Directed by Ari Folman (Oscar (R)-nominated Waltz With Bashir), starring Robin Wright ("House Of Cards"; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Jon Hamm (AMC's "Mad Men"), Paul Giamatti (Sideways; John Dies At The End) and Harvey Keitel (Taxi Driver; Bad Lieutenant), The Congress blends live-action and psychedelic animation as an aging, out-of-work actress (Wright playing an alternate reality version of herself) accepts her final job: preserving her digital image for a future Hollywood. Empire Magazine proclaims it "an extraordinary and very touching film that exists… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Ari Folman takes a determined stride into the past with this dizzying, disjointed, always fascinating live action-animation hybrid"
‑ Tom Huddleston, Time Out
"...if you're half-distracted all the time, you might be impressed by some of the interesting ideas in this film and be able to ignore what an overall mess it is."
‑ Sarah Boslaugh, Playback:stl
"Folman ... is a master at exploiting diverse animated styles, and draws a brave starring performance from a performer who, in her mid-40s, seems to be just hitting her stride."
‑ Marc Mohan, Oregonian
"While the sociopolitical aspects of the film are undeniably interesting, it's an entertaining but ultimately uneven and unfulfilling experience at best."
‑ Staci Layne Wilson,
"The Congress plays to our fears, perhaps ironically, with hindsight affecting our view of it as a piece of social commentary too?"
‑ Lisa Giles-Keddie, HeyUGuys
"Ari Folman is a filmmaker determined to make movies his own way"
‑ Jordan Hoffman,
"The Congress asks profound questions about performance and identity, especially how the former might distort our perception of the latter, and of reality in general."
‑ Niki Boyle, The List
"A startling, beguiling rumination on the slipperiness of mortality and the methods we create to escape the inescapable."
‑ Christopher Runyon, Movie Mezzanine
"imagines a future in which all actors have been reduced to manipulable digital data, and explores the cost imposed upon our sense of history and identity by a virtual world where the image rules and desires are instantly - if emptily - fulfilled."
‑ Anton Bitel, Sight and Sound
"a hallucinatory trip through a cityscape of the imagination, it also allegorises our own very real relationship with the mythopoeic worlds of cinema (from which this film quotes with relentless, voracious postmodernism) or of the internet"
‑ Anton Bitel, Grolsch Film Works
"...commits to Big Ideas of identity and integrity with Robin Wright remarkably anchoring it all as, well, herself. (Sort of.)"
‑ William Goss, MSN Movies
"We've seen all of the film's elements before, but this combination of them is heady and new."
‑ Eric D. Snider,
"I'm impressed with this live-action/animated hybrid, but not as engaged as I'd hoped, though I'm pretty sure it merits further contemplation."
‑ Luke Y. Thompson, Topless Robot
"A hugely ambitious film reminiscent of The Matrix and the works of Terry Gilliam while also carving out its own apocalyptic sci-fi space."
‑ MaryAnn Johanson, Flick Filosopher
"a magnificent triumph, a half-fantasy-half-nightmare that combines animation and live action to shine a light on how we look at ourselves, and perhaps will going forward, as technology continues to engulf our lives."
‑ Todd Gilchrist, GeekNation
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