The End Of Poverty
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The aphorism "The poor are always with us" dates back to the New Testament, but while the phrase is still sadly apt in the 21st century, few seem to be able to explain why poverty is so widespread. Activist filmmaker Philippe Diaz examines the history and impact of economic inequality in the third world in the documentary The End of Poverty?, and makes the compelling argument that it's not an accident or simple bad luck that has created a growing underclass around the world. Diaz traces the growth of global poverty back to colonization in the 15th century, and features interviews… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 55%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Even if you're convinced by the many well-spoken interviewees, the film's conclusion is almost as depressing as the historical indictment that precedes it."
‑ Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic
"Why Philippe Diaz has titled his new documentary The End of Poverty? is unclear, because this guilt trip/history lesson is really about the beginning of poverty."
‑ Neil Genzlinger, New York Times
"A confrontational documentary by neo-Marxist director Phillippe Diaz that explores the inconvenient truth that the gears of capitalism are greased by the exploitation of the weak."
‑ Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
"The most articulate film to date describing the modern means and methods of the free market enslavement of undeveloped countries."
‑ Ron Wilkinson, Monsters and Critics
"Documentary takes a unique and ambitious big-picture approach to a daunting, seemingly endless problem."
‑ Eric Monder, Film Journal International
"Because Diaz constructs his movie like a classroom tutorial, we expect something more from him than an appeal to end privatization."
‑ Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor
"The End Of Poverty? offers simplistic answers to many of the most pressing questions of our time."
‑ Nathan Rabin, AV Club
"so stuck in the self-importance of covering the economically disadvantaged that it thoroughly loses the ability to show how the circumstances evolved to such a state."
‑ Rachel Gordon,
"A hard-hitting documentary that presents the voices and concerns of the poor along with suggested ways out of the abyss between the rich and poor."
‑ Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice
"...uncharacteristically revolutionary among today's issue documentaries, and all the more refreshing for its bluntness."
‑ Chris Barsanti, PopMatters
"Powerful and upsetting."
‑ Andrew O'Hehir,
"It's heartbreaking, of course, but also crassly manipulative and blandly shot, too."
‑ Aaron Hillis, Time Out New York
"A didactic documentary that covers ground already trampled to death by countless other films, books, magazine articles, and grad-student theses."
‑ Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle
"A timely and provocative documentary, but it's rather dull, poorly synthesized and fails to keep you engaged with an overload of information and a disorganized variety of interviews."
‑ Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru
"The film plays "blame Whitey" by insisting that all economic problems currently facing the people in Latin America, Africa and Asia were created by Western interference."
‑ Phil Hall, Film Threat
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