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Centers on Dom, a young wannabe football casual who gets drawn into the charismatic but dangerous world of the firm's top boy, Bex. Accepted for his fast mouth and sense of humor, Dom soon becomes one of the boys. But as Bex and his gang clash with rival firms across the country and the violence spirals out of control, Dom realizes he wants out--until he learns it's not that easy to simply walk away.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 67%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Love's second movie about hooligans marks a quantum leap forward from the messy, senseless violence of 'The Football Factory'."
‑ Nigel Floyd, Time Out
"While it doesn't exactly break new ground thematically, this is Love's most accomplished film to date. Like the terrace heroes who are its subjects, it's as good-looking and stylish as it is dangerously seductive."
‑ Wendy Ide, Times [UK]
"The film is covered in talent, including Love's, of the sort that makes you look forward to the next thing they do. Here, you feel they have a lot to climb over, but there are scenes where the attempt to get close to something real is powerfully inspired."
‑ Andrew O'Hagan, This is London
"Love seems happier with his affectionate re-creation of the early '80s than with exploring the contradictions at the heart of this subculture."
‑ Nigel Floyd, Filmstar Magazine
"Putdowns such as "You couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat" crackle throughout, fun is poked at Eighties fashion and the characters feel real."
‑ , Sun Online
"A watchable, but disappointing, movie that brings nothing new to the serious topic it addresses."
‑ Mike Edwards, What Culture
"Love's films have, in the past, brought me out in a rash - but this one is watchable. It's well made; there's a persistent and welcome undercurrent of humour in the script that reminded me of Love's sparky debut, Goodbye Charlie Bright,"
‑ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
"It's all ridiculously clichéd and over the top, yet once you give up taking it seriously and surrender to its relentless blokeishness, The Firm proves to be an enjoyable Shane Meadows-lite ride with a bit of wideboy charm."
‑ Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy
"A redundant compendium of blokeish cliches."
‑ Christopher Tookey, Daily Mail [UK]
"A sleek, if superfluous, remake."
‑ Nigel Andrews, Financial Times
"The Firm is hardly calculated to convert those who find Love's work brash, clichéd and empty, but there's a good deal of warmth and humour here."
‑ Paul Fairclough, Little White Lies
"The odd thing is that Love's version feels so bright and breezy, as if he's cosying back up to a wider audience who were turned off by Outlaw's grimy nihilism. If that's the case, it's a wacky choice of subject, but the effort's appreciated."
‑ Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph
"Love's film is ultimately pointless, having nothing new to say on the issues of male bonding, acceptance and tribalism."
‑ Elliott Noble, Sky Movies
"While The Firm is slick, evocative and very violent, Love supplies yet further proof that hooligan movies have gone about as far as they can."
‑ David Edwards, Daily Mirror [UK]
"The best things about this are spanking dialogue and razor-sharp slang and the plethora of new faces it introduces to the screen. But as far as the impact is concerned Love has bottled out."
‑ Neil Norman, Daily Express
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