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A disturbing videotape appears to hold the power of life and death over those who view it in this offbeat thriller. A strange videotape begins making the rounds in a town in the Pacific Northwest; it is full of bizarre and haunting images, and after watching it, many viewers receive a telephone call in which they are warned they will die in seven days. A handful of teenagers who watched the tape while spending a weekend at a cabin in the mountains scoff at the threat, but as predicted, they all die suddenly on the same night. Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), the aunt of one of the ill-fated teens,… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 72%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Gore Verbinski creates an air of dread that begins with the first scene and never lets up, subtly incorporating elements from the current wave of Japanese horror films along the way."
‑ Keith Phipps, AV Club
"The Ring, about a videotape that kills people, is so full of inconsistencies and plot holes that I stumbled from a recent screening with few answers, and a ton of questions."
‑ Christy Lemire, Associated Press
"One of the most intelligent and genuinely scary ghost stories to come around in a long time."
‑ Alex Kaloostian, Christian Science Monitor
"The slow pace gives us too much time to think about the story's lapses in logic. And Verbinski's style is so conventional that the various scare devices and horror images he throws on the screen feel oddly more comforting than frightening."
‑ Dennis King, Tulsa World
"Verbinski makes a couple of inventive additions, and although the spine-chilling terror of the superior 1997 original is muted by the overuse of CGI, this is still a worthy substitute if you're not in the mood for subtitles."
‑ Adam Smith, Radio Times
"The filmmakers have wisely stayed close to the original's mood, which is somber and flat, with quick (near-subliminal) inserts and a soundtrack full of watery-grave groans and murmurs."
‑ David Edelstein, Slate
"Watching The Ring won't kill you, but it could bore you half to death."
‑ Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
"The Ring doesn't have the wiliness or conviction to exploit either a single mother's guilt over child neglect or our collective queasiness over potential bad seeds. It merely alternates these themes and toys with them."
‑ Michael Sragow, Baltimore Sun
"Though more expensive and less atmospheric than the Japanese picture, the film isn't at all bad."
‑ Philip French, Observer [UK]
"The Ring is easily the most terrifying movie to come out of Hollywood in years."
‑ Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper
"An edgy, watchable film, but one that makes you feel more squeamish than screamish."
‑ Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine
"I hated it, but I grant that it does tap into a vein of technological horror -- the fear of the VCR! -- that will have young videophiles chatting it up for weeks."
‑ Jack Mathews, New York Daily News
"The Ring, an elegantly creepy film set in a perpetual Seattle rainstorm, is interested more in eerie, unnerving thrills than bloodletting."
‑ Matt Soergel, Florida Times-Union
"A chilling idea, finely executed, in a rare remake success. See it if you dare -- but we wouldn't recommend you go alone."
‑ , Total Film
"Light years ahead of the half-cocked horror coming out of Hollywood, the mounting dread provides the requisite amount of chair-jolting shocks."
‑ Tim Evans, Sky Movies
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