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John Carpenter's The Thing is both a remake of Howard Hawks' 1951 film of the same name and a re-adaptation of the John W. Campbell Jr. story "Who Goes There?" on which it was based. Carpenter's film is more faithful to Campbell's story than Hawks' version and also substantially more reliant on special effects, provided in abundance by a team of over 40 technicians, including veteran creature-effects artists Rob Bottin and Stan Winston. The film opens enigmatically with a Siberian Husky running through the Antarctic tundra, chased by two men in a helicopter firing… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 80%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Carpenter's direction is slow, dark, and stately; he seems to be aiming for an enveloping, novelistic kind of effect, but all he gets is heaviness."
‑ Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader
"Because this material has been done before, and better, especially in the original The Thing and Alien, there's no need to see this version."
‑ Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
"It personifies the definition of "popcorn entertainment" - that is, the kind of film that relishes the thrill of its many ambitious moments without seeking total transcendence."
‑ David Keyes,
"I'll say it: the single greatest horror movie ever made."
‑ Rob Vaux,
"I discovered what it was to love a movie that was relentless in its desire to be unpleasant"
‑ Walter Chaw, Film Freak Central
"If it's the most vividly guesome monster ever to stalk the screen that audiences crave, then The Thing is the thing. On all other levels, however, John Carpenter's remake of Howard Hawks' 1951 sci-fi classic comes as a letdown."
‑ Variety Staff, Variety
"Mr. Carpenter has demonstrated that he can make good, comparatively plain, old-fashioned scare movies and effective suspense thrillers, but he seems to lose his own head when he combines two or more genres, as he [does here]."
‑ Vincent Canby, New York Times
"Something close to an absolutely perfect exercise in how to construct a thriller."
‑ Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy
"...stays truer to its source material, John W. Campbell, Jr.'s 1938 novella Who Goes There?, than the 1951 Howard Hawks-Christian Nyby feature The Thing from Another World."
‑ Sarah Boslaugh, Playback:stl
"The Thing is a peerless masterpiece of relentless suspense, retina-wrecking visual excess and outright, nihilistic terror."
‑ Adam Smith, Empire Magazine
"Russell's sub-Eastwood heroics hardly compensate for the absence of all characterisation, while Bill Lancaster's script boasts the most illogical climax any monster movie ever had."
‑ Geoff Andrew, Time Out
"This is one of those rare remakes that remains faithful to the premise of the original but does something unique with the concept."
‑ James Berardinelli, ReelViews
"A magnificent cabinet of grotesqueries, one of the decade's great works"
‑ Fernando F. Croce, CinePassion
"...reading this as a Cold War allegory is doing the movie a very big favor. In reality, this is a film about tentacles and teeth and eyes and orifices and goo, goo, goo."
‑ Josh Larsen, LarsenOnFilm
"It's a paranoid masterpiece, and that rare remake that improves upon the original."
‑ Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid
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