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An undercover CIA agent within a terrorist cell is marked as a terrorist suspect by the FBI in Overture Films' upcoming thriller Traitor. Don Cheadle produces and stars in the film as the operative under Guy Pearce's investigation. Based on an idea by Steve Martin, the film is written and directed by Day After Tomorrow screenwriter Jeffrey Nachmanoff.

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 63%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Once the pieces fall into place, it loses momentum, meandering towards a contrived climax in which all ambiguity is swept aside and the forces of righteous democracy prove reassuringly triumphant."
‑ Tom Huddlestone, Time Out
"Let's just say this is a well paced thriller with a strong cast -- it's good to see Guy Pearce on screen -- but the terrorist threat which obsessed the recent Bush administration has been dwarfed by a couple of things..."
‑ Ruth Hessey, MovieTime, ABC Radio National
"Simmers down into a reasonably smart little thriller with a moral conscience, yet."
‑ Kelly Vance, East Bay Express
"We watch for the sake of the chase, and while it's a chase that certainly proves better than most, it's also one that is good enough to have been even better than that."
‑ William Goss, Cinematical
"Much harder to see coming is the film's denouement, but that's only because of its extreme silliness."
‑ Edward Porter, Times [UK]
"A good political action movie that makes you use your brain a little bit."
‑ Ben Lyons, At the Movies
"Promising premise devolves into a by-the-numbers espionage thriller."
‑ Joanne Kaufman, Wall Street Journal
"If it doesn't succeed in challenging you perception of the war on terror, it might challenge your view on Steve Martin."
‑ Mike Edwards, What Culture
"As a thriller, Traitor excels and feels especially relevant, considering the subject matter."
‑ Sonny Bunch, Washington Times
"A certain interest resides in the film's even-handedness."
‑ Philip French, Observer [UK]
"It was complicated but ultimately it failed in that attempt to deliver a complicated message."
‑ Ben Mankiewicz, At the Movies
"Traitor gets a leg up thanks to a solid cast, including Guy Pearce, an underused Jeff Daniels and chiefly Cheadle's Horn, whose quiet dignity makes his blurred loyalties believable and his true sympathies indefinable."
‑ Linda Barnard, Toronto Star
"Surprisingly, Steve Martin created this story. In a decade of wild and crazy fictional terrorism, his was the most horrifyingly plausible - one that spun terrorism as drama into uncomfortable community theater, striking the country's friendliest corners."
‑ Nick Rogers,
"The action scenes will grab you, but there's an actual story here, too."
‑ Marshall Fine, Star Magazine
"As the eponymous terrorist, Cheadle makes a big impact without too much noise."
‑ Stella Papamichael, Film4
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