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A high-school senior finds himself walking a fine line between daydreams and reality in the comedy Trippin'. Gregory Reed (Deon Richmond) is soon to graduate from high school, and he frequently drifts into a Walter Mitty-style fantasy land where he's the coolest guy in town, has money to burn, and fine ladies are throwing themselves at him around the clock; however, back in the real world, Gregory has a lousy job, no girlfriend, and no solid prospects of a date for the prom. A much bigger worry to his parents is the fact that Gregory has done almost nothing about planning for his… More
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 18%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"Intermittently funny and good-natured, Trippin' won't disappoint its target audience."
‑ Nathan Rabin, AV Club
"There are stray sparks of satiric wildness shooting out from this preachy teen message movie."
‑ Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
"The messages, in other words, are mixed -- which makes them pretty much consistent with the perspective of a hormone-driven 17-year-old boy. Viewed in that context, Trippin' doesn't fall quite so far."
‑ Todd Anthony, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"Some funny moments and the likeability of Richmond's character make it a tolerable way to pass time, despite the fact (aside from Richmond's fantasies) we've seen everything here many times before."
‑ Keith Bailey, Radio Times
"The star's winning smile is the only redeeming quality of this atrocious, predictable teen comedy."
‑ Jeanne Aufmuth, Palo Alto Weekly
"A disjointed, lowbrow comedy about a teen coping with his uncertain future through daydreams."
‑ Robert Dominguez, New York Daily News
"The pliant-featured Richmond is an agreeable, comically adept lead."
‑ Dennis Harvey, Variety
"Swirl together a pious message movie, a silly high-school yuck-fest and a raunchy, booty-shaking comedy, and this picture is the infelicitous result."
‑ Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide's Movie Guide
"As formulaic as it sounds."
‑ Michael Dequina,
"What might have been funny and endearing is instead just more self-inflicted negative stereotypes and marginalizing images."
‑ Tim Cogshell, Boxoffice Magazine
"An after-school special posing as Booty Call, stumbling badly over its clunky message-movie scripting."
‑ Rod Dreher, New York Post
"The teen comedy 'Trippin' features a clever technique, but it's trapped inside a stock premise that was exhausted years ago. At best, it would make a nice pilot for a TV sitcom."
‑ Jeff Strickler, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"As the credits roll into oblivion, James Thurber's ghost puts out his cigarette. There's another movie he could've written!"
‑ Dayana Stetco, Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
"This recklessly constructed mix of social messages, sexual fantasies and street profanity certainly won't be accused of trying to preach to the choir."
‑ Mark Halverson, Sacramento News & Review
"A few of the daydream sequences are uproarious, but Trippin' tries to get real too late in the game."
‑ Tom Meek, Boston Phoenix
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