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After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. EVE comes to realize that WALL-E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet's future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, WALL-E chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most exciting and imaginative comedy adventures ever… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 96%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"I wonder a little what kids will make of the long silence of the first half followed by the disorienting mania of the second, but there's nothing here that's not wonderfully imagined and lovingly presented."
‑ Dave Calhoun, Time Out
"WALL-E is a classic, but it will never appeal to people who are happy with art only when it has as little bite as possible."
‑ David Denby, New Yorker
"The latest entry in the Pixar stable is a modern classic - both an animated thrill ride, and a chilling tale of lost humanity."
‑ Simon Miraudo, Quickflix
"WALL-E dazzles, particularly in its magnificent first half-hour, a post-apocalyptic love-story in miniature that serves as a graceful introduction to the intergalactic journey that follows."
‑ Chris Wisniewski, Stop Smiling
"To see these ideas delivered so profoundly speaks volumes to the power animation possesses in cleansing minds weathered by the cynicism of adulthood."
‑ David Keyes, Cinemaphile.org
"Among its many wondrous achievements, the animated WALL-E is a sci-fi trifecta: a vision of the future, a tale for our times and a blast from the past."
‑ Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"You'd have to be a machine for your heart not to melt."
‑ David Ansen, Newsweek
"It indeed feels 'new', moving out of Pixar's comfort zone while retaining the brand's populist virtues: loveable characters, crafted jokes, aw-shucks niceness and wonderful images."
‑ Andrew Osmond, Sight and Sound
"Can Earth be reclaimed? The answer's a hopeful one (more Spielberg, less Kubrick), perfectly in toon (ahem) with the tale of a rickety old PC who wins the heart of a Mac."
‑ Brett Michel, Boston Phoenix
"This is a movie with genuine heart."
‑ Stella Papamichael, Radio Times
"The most consistent production unit in Hollywood just hit another home run."
‑ Tom Charity, CNN.com
"No movie can be a downer that fills you with pure exhilaration. You leave WALL-E with a feeling of the rarest kind: that you've just enjoyed a close encounter with an enduring classic."
‑ Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"We've come to expect brilliance from the digital wizards at Pixar, but WALL*E is pure genius."
‑ Katherine Monk, Canada.com
"Much of the joy here comes from the aesthetic clash between the metallic sweethearts."
‑ Ryan Gilbey, New Statesman
"As a film critic who has spent too many summers viewing mediocre misfires and uninspired reinterpretations of TV shows, comic books and cult classics, it's immensely satisfying to recommend something as breathtakingly glorious as WALL-E."
‑ Jeff Meyers, Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
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