Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Tian di ying xiong)
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Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Tian di ying xiong)
Set in the ferocious Gobi Desert, a tale of two first-class warriors, Lieutenant Li and Japanese emissary Lai Xi, who are master swordsmen. After decades of service to the Chinese Emperor, Lai Xi longs to return to Japan, but is instead sent to the West to chase wanted criminals. His only passport back to Japan is to capture and execute Lieutenant Li, a renegade soldier wanted for leading a violent mutiny when he refused orders to kill female and child prisoners.

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"The acting is uniformly compelling."
‑ Andrew Sun, Hollywood Reporter
‑ G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
"It's too busy courting genre cliches to mine anything transcendent, which runs counter to the promise inherent in the title."
‑ Christopher Smith, Bangor Daily News (Maine)
"For most of its two-hour running time, it's a pretty solid action yarn that echoes both the swordsman epics of Akira Kurosawa, as well as some of the Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns."
‑ Jeff Vice, Deseret News, Salt Lake City
"There are extraordinary battle scenes in this film."
‑ Liz Braun, Jam! Movies
"Unfortunately, the two main protagonists, Lieutenant Li and Lai Xi, are too much the strong, silent type to engage us as heroes, or even characters."
‑ Susan Walker, Toronto Star
"Remarkable for its stimulating, metaphor-rich setting."
‑ Tom Keogh, Seattle Times
"Takes all the elements of the classic Westerns, mixes them with Eastern spiritualism, and comes out with a film that is at least noteworthy, if not especially brilliant."
‑ Eric D. Snider, EricDSnider.com
"The movie has so much that's great that you forgive when it veers into Indiana Jones territory."
‑ Sean Means, Salt Lake Tribune
"Has everything you could possibly want from the genre."
‑ James Verniere, Boston Herald
"There's no denying its visual appeal."
‑ Rick Groen, Globe and Mail
"Warriors ransacks enough of the dust-swept battle genre (start with Sergio Leone, Akira Kurosawa, and John Ford) to have no rousing or opulent B-movie personality of its own."
‑ Wesley Morris, Boston Globe
"There are scenes here that will stick in your brain for days."
‑ David Cornelius, eFilmCritic.com
"An enjoyably pulpy story, occasionally slow-moving and pretentious"
‑ Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Mercury
"A fairly rousing example of the genre."
‑ William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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