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Two luckless stoners begin a truly awful evening when they discover they have a dead girlfriend on their hands in this black comedy from writer and director Allen Moyle. Dexter (Scott Speedman) and Royce (Wes Bentley) are a pair of half-bright slackers living in a nowhere town in Northern Ontario. Dexter and Royce's lack of ambition is compounded by the fact they're both heroin addicts, and they support their habits by dealing dope for Omar (Raoul Bhaneja), a ruthless dealer who's not to be trifled with. Matilda (Taryn Manning), Royce's girlfriend, makes the mistake of dipping… More

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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 56%

Critic Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

"The paper-thin characters make it feel less like a rounded feature and more like a TV pilot with the promise of more adventures to come."
‑ David Jenkins, Time Out
"Half-funny and half-obvious, Weirdsville gets a little tiresomely silly, but Bentley still has a glare that burns through metal, and his rapport with Speedman is agreeable."
‑ Gregory Kirschling, Entertainment Weekly
"If there was more vision on the front end, with more thought put into shot composition and less adherence to trendy, attention-deficit filmmaking, Weirdsville might have been an innovative indie gem"
‑ Matt Kelemen, Las Vegas CityLife
"It's wacky, it's zany, it's loopy, it's freaky, it's daffy - but alas, not the most important one, which is "funny"."
‑ Anthony Quinn, Independent
"Allan Moyle's stoner heist movie is a meandering dud."
‑ , Daily Telegraph
"One of the most unlikable films of the year."
‑ G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
"You don't have to be stoned to watch Allan Moyle's latest small-town escapade, but it might help."
‑ Peter Howell, Toronto Star
"Neither as funny nor as serious as it ought to be."
‑ Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly
"Only a trio of bungling Satanists prevent it ending up in routineville."
‑ , Sun Online
"It's pretty amusing stuff - though it could have been a lot funnier if they had resisted the temptation to shoehorn in quite so many plot twists."
‑ Andrew Pulver, Guardian
"I kept wishing for a rewrite that sent the Satanists packing and pulled the love story hiding within Wennekers' script to the fore."
‑ Chuck Wilson, L.A. Weekly
"Dark and devilishly clever, director Allan Moyle's Weirdsville is a twisted caper comedy."
‑ Jennie Punter, Globe and Mail
"Chainmailed flail-wielding midgets chasing Satanists chasing druggies - Allan Moyle has gone for the grown-up panto approach."
‑ Matthew Turner, thelondonpaper
"Anarchic and low budget, make sure you take along your bong."
‑ , Daily Mirror [UK]
"A pleasingly gonzo black comedy pitched somewhere between Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead Stoned and Dude, Where's My Crack?"
‑ Matt Glasby, Film4
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